Tips for living, laughin' & loving the apartment life...

Timing The Apartment Hunt Is Crucial

Like last year or the year before that or even the year before that, you may be looking to move into a new apartment. The process of apartment hunting can be a challenging one...especially in a time of economic crisis, so having a few tips on the search can make it easier… see more now!

Tips For An E-Z Move

With a little strategy and ingenuity, the entire moving process from the exciting apartment search to the exhausting transfer of your belongings, can actually be quite painless and buckets of fun. Proper planning with the following 3 tips is the secret ingredient to a stress-free move… see more now!

Location, Location, Location

When apartment hunting many of us concentrate on amenities, features, and price which are all very important things to focus on, but often one extremely important factor is overlooked… see more now!

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