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Apartments near Austin Community CollegeAustin Community College

With satellite campus's in Austin and the surrounding areas of San Marcos, Leander, Round Rock, Georgetown, Lockhart, and Fredericksberg, Austin Community College is a great place for the free spirited apartment goers to get their advanced education underway. Austin Community College or ACC, as it is more popularly known, is a two year college that offers core classes in many areas of study as well as associates degrees and certifications in everything from geography to automobile repair to nursing. Night classes for continuing adult education is available as the perfect solution for those full-time working Apartment-ites and suburbanites who want to go back to school to get their high school equivalence diploma, popularly known as the “GED.” ACC offers a student coming out of high school a way to adjust to college life by taking the “Core” classes they need in a less intimidating setting. At larger Universities these same basic classes sometimes have hundreds of students, so the attention that students get at ACC helps them easily transition from high school into their higher education. My personal experience with ACC goes back to 1993. I found that I was woefully unprepared after high school for any college, and the slower pace of ACC helped me tremendously. My classes were small, usually about 15 students to a teacher and I met people from every conceivable walk of life. The professors that worked there were very helpful and at no time did I feel that I was a burden to them or that I wasting their time by asking for help. One of my professors actually called my apartment after I had been sick for about a week with bronchitis to ask how I was doing! Relatively inexpensive, tuition for the 2008-2009 school year starts at $54 per credit hour, breaking out to $648 for a full semester of 12 hours with fees included. Because ACC does not offer any dorm or residence living, you will be commuting from home or your very own apartment. There are a number of wonderful, amenity rich and affordable apartment communities near all of ACC's 7 satellite campuses. Whether you are taking classes at Cyprus Creek, North Ridge, Rio Grande, Eastview, Riverside, South Austin, or Pinnacle, you can easily find a great apartment nearby. Use Apartment Home Living's Find An Apartment search tool to find an apartment that is perfect for you. The bottom line is: If you want to take basic classes for virtually any area of study, it can be done here very easily and inexpensively. You can then apply to transfer to any major university with the core classes out of the way.

30.322373-97.7110375930 Middle Fiskville RdAustin(512) 223-7000approved3
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Apartments near Concordia University- AustinConcordia University- Austin

Neighboring Austin's downtown and the University of Texas, Concordia University is higher education with class and distinction in a location that is convenient to students attending from apartments all over the city. Concordia is a private 4 year college for men and women with majors in the liberal arts and sciences. Students can attain a Bachelor of Arts degree or go on to get a Master of Arts degree. Concordia is a Lutheran University, and is a part of the Lutheran University system which has a current enrollment of 19,000 students nationwide. The stated goal of the University is to produce our nations strong Christian leaders. It was founded in 1926 with a mere 26 male students, but first started accepting female students in 1955. A smaller University, Concordia enrolls just over 1000 students a year making it the perfect place for an Apartment-ite to meet new people and get to know some really great friends. They are growing and anticipate enrollment numbers of 1300-1400 by 2010. The university itself is also expanding. In Fall of 2008 the new campus in NW Austin will open to students. This campus is over ten times the size of the downtown location. Both locations have access to close proximity to nightlife, apartments, restaurants and other hot-spots which cater to the fun and the freedom of the apartment lifestyle. With 22 majors and areas of study among the Colleges of Business, Education, Liberal Arts and Sciences there are plenty of options at Concordia. The University also houses the Accelerated Degree Program for part time or returning adult students, which has satellite campuses in Houston, San Antonio, DFW, and Fredericksburg as well as Austin. In 2006 the enrollment for undergraduates was 725, 93 for graduate students, and 399 for accelerated program students. There are three female students for every two male students. Living on campus you have four options. If you wish to live in mixed company, you could live in Harms hall which is the University's only co-ed hall. Studtmann Hall, the women's dorm, is also available, while the men have Killian and Behnken halls. Many people find these options limited and with the cost of roughly $7300 they choose to live off campus in one of the many affordable apartment communities within the area for relatively similar or even cheaper costs. With somewhat strict rules in on-campus living at Concordia, living in an off campus apartment can really give a student some added freedom away from curfews and guest hours. If it's a solid education in Liberal Arts and Science that you are looking for at a smaller school with some personality in a location that has plenty of restaurants, apartment options, and alot of stuff in the area...Concordia is worth a look!

30.420922-97.84242511400 concordia university driveAustin(512) 313-3000approved3
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Apartments near Huston-Tillotson UniversityHuston-Tillotson University

Getting out of the apartment and getting a solid education is easy and fun when you are doing it in a city like Austin. Located in East Austin, Huston-Tillotson University is a four year, private liberal arts college that was founded in 1875 as Tillotson College. In 1952, Tillotson College merged with Samuel Huston College to become Huston-Tillotson College. Then the College was swiftly changed to University to form the Huston-Tillotson University that it is known by today. Strongly affiliated with both the Church of Christ and the United Methodist Church as well as the United Negro College Fund, the university's mission is to educate and develop students from diverse backgrounds. It is located in an area of of the city that is currently undergoing a revival of sorts as students and young families seeking housing among the many more affordable apartment communities in the area migrate from west to east Austin. One of the missions of the college is to provide a “rich multicultural experience to a diverse body of students.” An accredited University, Huston-Tillotson prides itself on it's exemplary education in liberal arts and sciences, offering bachelors degrees in 4 areas: Humanities and Fine arts, Social and Behavioral Science, Natural Science and Mathematics, and Teacher education and Kinesiology. Highly active in the local community, the university offers mentorships and life skills training though a program called “My Brothers/Sisters Keeper.” In addition to community involvement and exemplary teaching, Houston-Tillotson takes pride in their athletics department. Notable for award winning Basketball, Baseball, Women’s Volleyball, Men’s and Women’s Outdoor Track and Field, Softball and Golf. There are two residence halls on the Huston-Tillotson campus, one for women and one for men. The women's hall, Allen-Frazier Hall, features a traditional wing of semi-private bedrooms with a sink in each room and the standard community bathrooms. The hall also features a a more private wing of two-bedroom suites each having their own bathroom. Both traditional and private suites come with built in furniture and tile floors. Beard-Burrows Residence Hall is for men only and has the same features as the Allen-Frazier Hall. Additionally, Beard-Burrows has courts for Tennis, Basketball, and Volleyball for recreation. The approximate total of tuition and fees including room and board, books, and other miscellaneous fees for 2008 is approximately $13,512 dollars per year for an in-state student. One of the best things about going to University in Austin is the sheer number of great and affordable apartment communities all over the city, so if students would like to have the freedom and the joy of their own place, they can do it with ease. Through a quick search within a few miles in all directions surrounding the campus, students will find a number of options in which they can make their choice of the perfect apartment. Students who are looking for assistance with the cost tuition at Huston-Tillotson can look for the benefit of Sports scholarships, ROTC scholarships, The United Negro Fund, and Matching scholarships (Students receiving scholarships from a church will have their scholarships matched by Huston-Tillotson). United Methodist Scholarships are also available to those who are members of the Methodist Church. These are just a few examples of the number of scholarships a potential student can receive. Approximately 85% of the students receive some form of financial aid. Just minutes from downtown Austin, surrounded by many apartments and great places to live, and with a faculty that thrives to educate to the fullest, Huston-Tillotson University is truly a top of the line institution of higher education.

30.264296-97.721409900 Chicon St.Austin(512) 505-3000approved3
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Apartments near Southwestern University Southwestern University

Southwestern University Apartments For Rent Southwestern University is a 4 year Private not-for-profit University located in Georgetown Texas. Southwestern University is a small University with 1,294 students including 1,294 undergraduate students representing 100.0% of the student population. The college offers bachelor's degree.

Southwestern University Apartments and Housing The University is located in a fringe Town and offers campus housing. Deciding between dorm living or off-campus housing will be major decision that every Southwestern University student will answer. If you live on-campus, you don't have to worry about monthly rent payments, utility bills, and grocery shopping. Most students who live in a dorm get a meal plan in order to make eating easy and convenient.

Renting Southwestern University Apartments is a good move. With 1,294 students, living in a Southwestern University apartment gives you space. Dorm living means roommates. Living in a Southwestern University apartment will give you freedom. Apartment living is fun and will teach you life lessons. You cook, clean, shop, and pay bills. If you constantly choose playing with your dorm pals over studying, your GPA suffers.

Lastly, living in a Southwestern University apartment may help your grades

30.633421-97.6678981001 University AveGeorgetown(512) 863-6511approved4
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Apartments near St. Edward's UniversitySt. Edward's University

A commuter school that is a dream education for apartment residents on the go, the first impression of that St. Edward's University gives is it's beauty and the beauty of it's location. Located in Austin, there is the nightlife and plethora of outdoor beauty in the surrounding hill country that can appeal to any student. It's location makes it easy for students celebrating the apartment lifestyle all over the city to get a solid education with ease.Not only does the University pride itself on its beautiful campus, but St. Ed's also prides itself on being able to produce top notch critical thinking bachelors and masters candidates. A private Catholic University, St. Edward's had an enrollment of about 5300 students for the 2007-2008 school year. The university is named for Reverend Edward Sorin who built the school in 1885. Notably, he's also credited with building Notre Dame University. St. Thomas boasts of commitment to providing education for people from every walk of life, from every type of socio-economic, cultural and religious background. A student has a variety of options in the type of education they receive with Independent studies, Double Majors, Honors programs, Accelerated programs, Pass/Fail grading options, internships and even distance learning. The undergraduate degree programs offer 50 areas of study from five different schools: The school of Humanities, Education, Natural Sciences, Management and Business, and Behavioral and Social Sciences. The graduate program offers master's degrees in Business Administration, Human Resources, Masters of Arts in Teaching, and many more. Students who do not wish to have the freedoms of the off-campus apartment lifestyle have the option of living on campus in one of St. Thomas' 6 residence halls: Basil Moreau, Jacues Dujarie, Doyle/New Hall, East, Teresa Hall, and Casa/Casita. East Hall is a woman's dorm, while all of the other residence halls are co-ed. Prices range from $1700 to almost $3500 depending on the type of dorm you choose. Private rooms are available for the higher cost. Meal plans are available for $1400 or $1550 per semester as well. Combined room and board could range anywhere from around $6200 per year to roughly $10,000. Living off campus in one of the many apartment communities in the area is also a very good option that will be relatively the same cost per year. If you do choose to live off campus, you will find many more freedoms than living in one of the on-campus residencies, however all on-campus halls are within walking distance to the university. Austin is growing quickly, and many of the newer apartments seem to be built in the vicinity of St Edward's and UT. It is possible to either walk or ride a bicycle to campus everyday, and if you are located central enough to not have to drive your car. Total undergraduate tuition is $20,400 per year. Miscellaneous expenses are approximated at $3,380 and includes transportation and personal expenses. If you are a graduate student, classes begin at $704 per credit hour. Like most private universities it is a bit costly, but the quality of education is well worth it. Check out St. Edward's!

30.232505-97.7583913001 South Congress AvenueAustin(512) 448-8400approved3
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Apartments near Texas Culinary AcademyTexas Culinary Academy

Located in Austin, Texas, this academy seeks to train students in the Le Cordon Bleu style of classical French cooking. Students learn not only basic cooking and pastry skills, they learn about cost control and how to run a business. To Be admitted to the academy: An in person or phone interview is required to be admitted to the academy. Families are encouraged to attend so that they can see the equipment and facilities, meet the faculty and ask questions. The personal interview is the determining factor as to whether a person is admitted or not. Students who complete the program can an associates degree in business Hospitality Management and Food Service or they can get a Food Science Degree a Bachelors of Science in Bakery and Pastry Arts or Culinary Arts. The Cost of Tuition and the length of the program: The entire program costs: 24,100 dollars, with books and supplies at 1,600 dollars. The time of the program is given in hours as opposed to months or years: 1170 hours of time. The amount of hours given, assumes that the person is taking all the classes and does not drop out and then come back. Financial aid is available and 52% of the students are on some form of Assistance. There are no residence halls on campus, so Texas Culinary Academy is completely a commuter school. Anyone attending the academy will live off of campus in an apartment or a house and commute to class. With luxury apartment homes all over the Austin area and so readily available, becoming a top chef at the Texas Culinary academy and having the fun of the Apartment life is easy as 1, 2, 3!

30.399102-97.71927711400 Burnet RoadAustin(888) 559-7222approved2
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Apartments near The University of Texas at AustinThe University of Texas at Austin

Your first apartment...check! Fun around the clock...check! Minutes away from all the hotspots in Austin...check! Sounds like you may be the perfect University of Texas candidate. Longhorns living in apartments celebrate apartment living while getting their education in the finest way and they love it! The University of Texas at Austin was founded in 1883 with just 200 students, 8 faculty members and 1 building. My how things have grown. Today, The University of Texas is one of the largest Universities in the United States at 350 acres, has over 170 majors, 21,000 faculty and support staff and a massive 50,000 student body. Now that is a major university! Catering to students from all walks of life all over the world, UT has become one of the most popular and diverse universities in existence today with students from at least 64 different countries. It awards more undergraduate degrees than any other university in the country in the country and is known for its pioneering work in the realm of Physics and Medicine. Many accredited scientists choose to end careers in their home countries to come to UT to work and share their knowledge. Life on campus as a Texas Longhorn offers new students the chance to connect with the rest of Austin. Since UT is located in Central Austin, its within walking or biking distance of many apartment communities, the Capitol building, a number of major nightclubs and hopping nightlife, restaurants, grocery stores, and much, much more. Students choosing to live on-campus rather than in one of the many surrounding off-campus apartments, have the choice of 14 residents halls. There are 11 co-ed halls, while the three others, Simkins, Kinsolving and Littlefield, are for men or women only respectively. Like most universities, the cost of living in one of the residents halls is based on your choice of living arrangements. If you choose to live in a shared space at San Jacinto or Duren hall in a shared space your cost for Fall and Spring semester is going to be about $9,455, but if you choose to live by yourself in Duren Hall your cost is going to be about $13,214/per year. (Roughly the same as a really nice apartment!) To help students on campus, each resident is given 1200 Bevo Bucks that they can use in the dining halls. Students sign a year long contract for the room that they are in, that is essentially a lease agreement, and are given suggestions on what items to bring with them. Like any apartment, the choice of residence is based on availability, so the sooner you apply, the better your options. If you choose to live in an apartment off of campus, you will swap the culture and closeness of dorm life for the openness, freedom and joy of living on your own in the city. No residence hall restrictions, no RA's, and no cramped spaces in your own apartment. You may lack the close location as you would have in a dorm, but the freedom of having your own place is worth the trade. Although UT charges a flat rate tuition for Undergraduate and Graduate students, the additional fees will alter the total you end up paying and will actually vary depending on the types of classes you take. A Texas resident taking a full load of 12 hours at UT costs around $8,090 to $9,354 per year for tuition. If your classes require labs, then lab fees will be tacked onto tuition. Student fees, computer lab fees, and books should also be factored into your estimated cost of living at school. Add all this to your costs for room and board and your total estimated cost for living on campus as an in state Texas resident is $21,470 to $25,284. Many of the students that are new at UT are introduced to the campus life rich with spirit and tradition. The exciting world of Longhorn Football is naturally the biggest tradition on campus. A Division I program that pits itself against the top teams in the country and always has a competitive try at the National Championship, Longhorn Football is a way of life that sticks to your from the moment you first cheer on a game at Daryl K. Royal stadium through your olden days of watching the game from the couch and remarking at the "young whipper-snappers" on the field. Bevo, the live Longhorn mascot, can be seen trotting up and down the sidelines during games and often catching a in the sun below his adoring fans. Any prospective student will love moving from any city around the world to a place like Austin, where a person could get a very good education and do almost anything that they wanted to do. HOOK EM HORNS!

30.2839739924883-97.73609161376951 University StationAustin(512) 471-3434approved4
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