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Arcata Apartments Colleges & Universities — Looking for perfect Arcata apartments near your favorite college or university? You've come to the right place! Students come from many different corners of the globe to attend school here and it’s no wonder why. With a variety of choices, Arcata is a great location to find the perfect school for you. As if student life in Arcata isn’t already amazing, tack on living in some choice Arcata apartments and life couldn’t get any more fun. With a virtually limitless choice in off-campus housing in the many Arcata apartment communities, this is the perfect location for students who are looking to enhance their educations through the efforts of attending a major college or university. With a vibrant nightlife and a vast amount of wonderful restaurants, coffee shops, deli’s and other eateries peppered through out the city, a student can find places to relax and unwind during their non-class time. Check out the wonderful institutes of higher learning that Arcata has to offer and all of the incredible the Arcata apartments for rent that are within walking distance from campus!
Humboldt State University

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Humboldt State University Apartments For Rent
Humboldt State University is a 4 year Public University located in Arcata California. Humboldt State University is a large University with 7,773 students including 6,922 undergraduate students representing 89.1% of the student population. The college offers bachelor's degree and master's degree.

Humboldt State University Apartments and Housing
The University is located in a remote Town and offers campus housing. Choosing between dorm living or off-campus housing will be big decision that every Humboldt State University student should answer. When you live on campus, you don't have to waste time and money on a car, on driving to school, finding a parking space.

Renting Humboldt State University Apartments is smart. With 7,773 students, living in a Humboldt State University apartment gives you space. Dorm living means roommates. You have to share everything. Renting a Humboldt State University apartment will give you freedom. You will not have to follow as many rules if you live off-campus. Apartment living will teach you life lessons. You cook, clean, shop, and pay bills. If you constantly choose playing with your dorm friends over studying at the library, your GPA suffers.

Finally, renting a Humboldt State University apartment may improve your GPA. Because student housing is social, your GPA may be affected negatively.

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