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Centerville High School

Apartments near Centerville High School

Schools Education

Are you looking for Centerville High School Apartments? You should - Apartment Home Living has many advantages including providing you with the ability to live in a great school district and close to where your kids go to school. We know that having a comprehensive apartment living guide is key to finding the best new apartment listings by Centerville High School.

Let's start with some information on the school. Centerville is in the Centerville Comm school district and serves grades 9 to 12. The school is a title 1 eligible school and is not a charter school.

As an old German proverb says, "Those who get lost on the way to school will never find their way through life" — but don't worry we know where Centerville High School is located. The school is located at 600 Chs Drive, Centerville, IA 52544 in Appanoose County. The school is in a Town, Remote Territory inside an urban cluster that is more than 35 miles from an urbanized area. That's what the school board says anyway. Many Centerville High School Apartments for rent are located nearby.

But a school is more than its location – it is students and teachers. As Henry Brooks Adams said – "a teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops." Centerville High School has 540 students enrolled and 35.2 teachers for a student to teacher ratio of 15 which compares favorable to the national average of 15 students per teacher. 40% of students receive free or reduced lunches compared to the national average of 44%.

If you're trying to find an apartment rental near the school, you must know which apartment rentals are available and contact these apartments for rent quickly. Below is a list of Centerville High School Apartments. View these popular apartment prices, pictures and floorplans plus check availability or use our apartment resource that allows you to filter the apartment listings by rent, beds and baths.

40.729004 -92.876045 600 Chs Dr Centerville (641) 856-0813 approved 4
Central Ward Elementary School

Apartments near Central Ward Elementary School

Schools Education

40.730804 -92.87321 320 Drake Ave Centerville (641) 856-0709 approved 0
Garfield Elementary School

Apartments near Garfield Elementary School

Schools Education

40.724777 -92.869705 505 East Walsh St Centerville (641) 856-0759 approved 0
Howar Junior High School

Apartments near Howar Junior High School

Schools Education

40.725227 -92.87647 850 South Park St Centerville (641) 856-0760 approved 4
Lakeview Elementary 4-5-6 School

Apartments near Lakeview Elementary 4-5-6 School

Schools Education

40.717327 -92.87658 1800 South 11th St Centerville (641) 856-0637 approved 7
Lincoln Elementary School

Apartments near Lincoln Elementary School

Schools Education

40.739307 -92.87566 603 North 10th St Centerville (641) 856-0749 approved 0
Chs Appanoose Co. Campus

Apartments near Chs Appanoose Co. Campus

Schools Education

40.71402 -92.871475 400 East Green St Centerville (641) 856-0890 approved 0
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