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Chicago Apartments Hotspots — Because you're saving money by renting Chicago apartments, you're also saving yourself on time. So what are you going to do with all that extra spending time and cash? Why not hit up one of the incredible Chicago hot-spots available around town?!?! Chicago offers a number of different areas that help give the city a little bit of unique appeal and give the local Chicago apartments residents great places to visit for fun, entertainment, shopping and more. Visitors are left in awe at the Chicago hot-spots and regulars keep coming back for more. So, get out of your Chicago apartments and check out the hot-spots!
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It seems as though every city has its own cheesy "walking ghost tour", complete with an over-the-top theater major leading the charge through a series of 'spooky' alleyways. And while some of these are worth catching (London's Jack the Ripper tour comes to mind), few can effortlessly conjure up the creepy vibe as effectively as the long-running Supernatural Chicago. Unlike many of its peers, this tour requests you remain seated throughout. Housed in the Excalibur Nightclub (itself one of the city's 'most haunted' landmarks), this one-man theatrical production combines macabre tales, sleight of hand illusion and the deft storytelling talents of longtime ringleader Neil Tobin to create an all-encompassing tribute to the windy city's supernatural past. Limited to an intimate group of fifty people per show, Tobin effectively creates a tense level of dread by foregoing cheap special effects in lieu of the participant's own imagination. Audience interaction takes center stage on a few occasions (including the truly mind-blowing closing act), although the publicity shy will be more than welcome to stay seated in the shadows. Running at just $25 per person including two drinks and admission to the Excalibur's dance floor post-show, Supernatural Chicago is one haunt worth investigating.

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