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"Ah, Illinois - one of the most notable states in the entire glorious Midwest. Bordering the mighty Mississippi River and snugging its borders to Kentucky, Iowa and Missouri, this interior plain state is a fantastic place to call home, and practically bursting at the seams with an abundance of available apartment options.
Comprised of three distinct geographical divisions (Northern, Central and Southern), Illinois’ natural landscape offers something for just about everyone. From the temperate, comfortable summers to the notoriously snowy winters, Illinois apartment residents can expect to experience the seasons in full, complete with all of the natural beauty that goes hand-in-hand.
Home to the third most populated city in the entire nation (we’re talking, of course, about the one and only Chicago), Illinois also boasts an abundance of agricultural hotspots and farmland. From cultural destinations such as the Field Museum of Natural History to the home of the most maligned sports team ihhistory (go Cubs!), life in an Illinois apartment is as fast paced or down home as you want it to be. So what are you waiting for? Discover the excitement of a new place to call home in Illinois today!