Wanna Save Some Energy Around Your Apartment?

Posted on June 16, 09:02 AM

There are a number of great ways to save on energy around your apartment that range from inexpensive for those on a limited budget to those who can spend whatever they wish.

If you are going to be living there for several years, spending any type of money on energy saving things should be looked at as a good investment. Remember though, if you install anything in your apartment that is a permanent fixture like storm windows or a super cool thermostat, you'll have wanted to check with your apartment manager to make sure this was okay first. They may also require that you leave it when you leave.

A really easy way to conserve on energy and some money is to switch all of your light bulbs to compact fluorescent lightbulbs or a CFL. Here's why:

Less Energy
They use 75% less energy than standard bulbs. That means that if you could potentially cut your electric bill down to close to 1/4 of what you are currently paying with your standard bulbs. Plus...using less energy is doing your part to be green and help save the world.

Last Longer
Not only do they use 75% less than traditional standard bulbs, but CFLs can last 10 times longer! That means you'll have to change them out a heck of a lot less.

Cooler- Not only do they look cooler than the traditional bulb, but they put out about 75 percent less heat as well. So they are literally cooler. Not only does this help keep things from burning, but it will also keep your apartment from being unnecessarily warmer and your AC working overtime. Why make it harder than it needs to?

Less CO2
By the time it finally burns out the CFL will have stopped 1/2 a ton of CO2 from entering our atmosphere. How is that for saving the world? Imagine if everyone switched to these bulbs.

CFL's are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and wattage, so you should be able to find the one that is perfect for you.

There you have it! Switching all your bulbs to CFLs can make a huge difference, so get on it. You will want to check with your manager and see if they have the option of giving you these bulbs before you purchase them.

And always make sure you have the right wattage!

Get to saving the world. Get to the store and get those new bulbs!

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