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Your Apartment Deserves to Be Clean And Organized

Posted on June 23, 01:06 PM

Your closet is filled to the brim. Every time you open your apartment hall closet, something is falling out on you. Your cabinets won't fit anymore stuff in them, but you just don't want to give anything up...

Sound familiar?

Well...your possessions will only keep growing and your apartment is going to stay the same size. As hard as it may be to say good-bye to some of those old possessions like that old, worn out coat in the hall closet that doesn't even fit anymore, you MUST!

This's time to get things in order. Don't put it off any longer!

If you are renewing your lease and staying for awhile, give yourself some room. If you are planning on moving soon, make your move easier by getting rid of the junk that you no longer need.

Having a hard time deciding what to throw out or donate to a good cause? There is an easy answer. If it doesn't fit anymore and you don't think it will ever fit again...chunk it. If it is full of holes, stains, or smells...get rid of it. If it hasn't been out of storage in the past year and you haven't even thought about it, why are you hanging on to it?

Give yourself some room.

Then...once you clear out the's time to get your apartment organized. Head over to Target, Walmart, or a relative superstore. Pick out some storage bins that will fit under the bed, under your hanging clothes in the closet, on the closet shelves, on top of your cabinets, or wherever you can make room. Store things in these bins. During the summer, store your winter clothes in bins underneath the bed to free up your closet. I hardly think you'll be using that wool sweater or those flannel bed sheets until November, so store 'em.

The important thing to remember is that your apartment doesn't need to be clunky and you don't have to hold on to everything forever. Some things are meant to be freed and for the greatest apartment experience you have and will ever have....get your stuff organized. Not only will it keep you sane, but being organized can help keep things clean and keep bugs away.

The more clutter...the happier bugs are. And when you find silverfish or roaches in your apartment, it means either you or a neighbor is just plain dirty. Don't let it be you, you wouldn't want your neighbor thinking you are the dirty one would you?

Get clean. Get organized. Get Fanapartmentastist!

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