Get Some Exercise In Your Apartment

Posted on September 26, 01:57 PM you need to get a work out in, but your favorite show is coming on and you don't want to miss it. Oh the age old conundrum...."What do I do?"

Have no fear, Apartment Home Living's blog team is here with a few tips on getting your work out in, right in front of your apartment living room TV. Check out how each one of our team weighs into answering that question...

Trey: My suggestion is to get a Nintendo Wii. I love playing video games. Why not burn calories while doing it? The Wii has a controller interface that responds to movement. In the baseball game, if you want to swing at a pitch, you actually swing your arm. It's great! The best part is, it burns calories. That may not answer your favorite TV/workout question, but it sure can help you get in shape doing the things you love while in your own apartment.

Brian: You'll want to be respectful of your neighbors, but I say go get yourself a used exercise bike or treadmill. Place that bad boy in your living room and pedal the pounds off while you watch your Matlock reruns. Like I said though, if you live on a higher floor, be sure that you aren't bothering the neighbors.

Eric: You gotta do it "green" style. And for once I am not really talking about the environment. Get a putter and a number of golf balls. Set up a miniature putting green in your living room. No it won't burn a ton of calories like going to the gym, but the activity in keeping your body active is WAAAYYYYY better than munching on tofu on the couch. (I don't even like Tofu, but I figured you'd expect me to say that.) RECYCLE!

Brianne: I used to practice Tai-Bo and do calisthenics while watching my soaps. It sounds lame, but it worked. I did 30 push-ups, 50 sit-ups, jumping jacks, and used a hand tension squeezer thing during Days of our Lives and I kept myself in solid shape. Second and third floor apartment-ites, be careful with what Brian said above about your neighbors in this one too!

Jeff: What's exercise? Kidding. My cohorts have given you a bunch of great options to get in shape in your apartment. Just sit back, relax and enjoy your show. The gym will be there when it is over. As soon as those credits roll, grab your shoes and hit the fitness center. Easy as pie....but if you are trying to get in shape...NO PIE!

So there you have it...five different thoughts on how to get in shape in your apartment. NOW DO IT!

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