Fake Plastic Trees: A Great Solution For the Allergic Apartment

Posted on December 10, 10:44 AM

Is it really already Christmas tree time again??!?!? Time certainly flies as I get older. Sounds so cliche', but so true. None the less, the time has come to put up a tree!!! (Which SHOULD be a lot of fun if it's done right.)

For those of us who are allergic, have family who are, or have animals that just love playing with the ornaments, it always seems slightly discouraging to find a really great tree to pop up in the corner of your apartment. Even some apartments won't allow real trees because a tree is such a fire hazard. On top of that you can always add the mess of pine needles and what to do with that bad boy after the holidays into the mix and having a real tree in an apartment, just may be too much trouble.

But it's Christmas?!?!?

Why not go with one of the old trusty "fake-o-trees"? Not only is there set up, take down, and storage easy as pie, but they won't litter your apartment with needles or strike up allergies. A plastic tree is also much less of a fire hazard than a real tree too! With plastic trees that light-up, spin, sing and more, it is much easier to get creative and express yourself with it too!

So branch out this year and don't get leafed behind. Put a plastic tree up in your apartment and be free of the mess, be free of the sneezes, and be free of the hazards! Your sinuses, visitors, neighbors and apartment manager will all thank you!

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