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Philadelphia Apartments Restaurants & Dining — Philadelphia is stocked full of incredible dining options and eateries at nearly every corner. Whether you are looking to ditch the "Ramen Noodles" and get out of your Philadelphia apartments to enjoy some of the best tastes the city has to offer from mouth watering Barbecue that could make a grown man cry to Sushi that makes you jump for joy, Philadelphia is definitely the place to be. With all of the wonderful choices on seemingly every city street and many choices within a few miles from the doorstep of most Philadelphia apartments, the hard part is deciding which one you want to enjoy. The only solution: Try them all! Check out some of the great restaurants and Philadelphia apartments in your area!
Tacconelli's Pizzeria

Apartments near Tacconelli's Pizzeria

Restaurants Dining

Pizza is pretty much a staple to any apartment-ites diet, but sometimes one gets tired of the everyday stuff the big chains deliver, and you want to try some of Philadelphia's finer slices. No place in town is serving up as delicious flavors as can be found at Tacconelli's Pizzeria, which gets so much business, that you have to order your pizzas in advance to ensure that there will be one when you get there. At Tacconelli's, you don't reserve your seat, but instead, reserve your pizza. All pizzas are made with the freshest ingredients possible, and cooked fresh and made to order in an old-fashioned brick oven to crisp perfection. When it comes time to order, you have any number of choices. First, choose what kind of pie you want: the Tomato Pie, with no cheese and lots of sauce, regular pie, with a little cheese and sauce, the white pie, with salt, pepper, cheese and plenty of garlic, and the Margerita pie, with fresh basil and mozzarella. Then you can choose from one of their delicious toppings, including pepperoni, anchovies, spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, sausage, sweet peppers, onions, prosciutto, and basil, as well as throwing on plenty of extra cheese. Like so many restaurants in the Philly area, you're free to bring your own alcohol, but know that it's strictly beer and wine only. Also, know that this place is cash only, so not credit or debit cards. Apartment-ites eat plenty of pizza, so when it comes time to have a slice, go with the best you can get, Tacconneli's Pizzeria, heralded by patrons as the absolute best pizza in Philadelphia, and a must-see for any Italian pie fans.

39.980466 -75.113056 2604 East Somerset Street Philadelphia (215) 425-4983 approved 4
Lacroix at the Rittenhouse Hotel

Apartments near Lacroix at the Rittenhouse Hotel

Restaurants Dining

Though there are numerous spots to stop in for a meal in Philadelphia, apartment-ites searching for one place to have a upscale meal at one of the classiest joints in town have many fewer options. One of the best places to get a high-class meal in stylish surroundings is Lacroix at the Rittenhouse Hotel, where luxury never plays second fiddle, and you're always sure to have a blast while feasting on some of the most delicious fare the city have to offer. When it comes to a dinner at Lacroix, you have a number of options. You can choose to pick an item from their a la carte menu, where you choose what entree and what sides you want, or the tasting menu, where you can pick out a number of different flavors to make your own delicious meal. For a la carte items, you can choose from a first course consisting of Kobe beef tartare, Matthew's salad, yellow fin tuna carpaccio, or cauliflower tequila soup, and continue to the main course, where you can choose from seafood options such as diver scallosp in chai cranberry jus, wild striped bass in a pineapple-andouille relish, Maine halibut with warm egg yolk sauce, or buttered poached lobster with pesto, or meat options, including duck breast with parsnip-cocout, lamb loin with oilve, or veal chop with caesar flavors. There are a number of different sides served in multiple ways. They also have a tasting menu, where you can try any number of different flavors available, including red beets with truffle, sesame and smoked barley, snails with cucumber, black beans and apricot, Japanese hamachi with uni, kimichi black garlic and lime fizz, kobe beef with spaghetti squadh, baked potato and chipotle, rabbit saddle with barbecue lentils, corn and grapefruit, or arctic char with white chocolate, artichoke, udon and passion fruit. No matter how you slice it, a night at Lacroix at Rittenhouse Hotel is a night where you'll taken on a culinary journey you'll never forget. It's a pleasant way to spend a night out of the apartment, where you can relax and not have to worry about making your dinner, while still experiencing some of the most interesting flavors in all of Philadelphia.

39.949669 -75.173077 210 West Rittenhouse Square Philadelphia (215) 546-9000 approved 4
Pat's King of Steaks

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Philadelphia may have been known for years for its historical significance to the US, but the thing that put it on the map was not a major event, but a sandwich, and apartment-ites can't call themselves Philadelphians until they've tried a Philly Cheesesteak. With a stall selling them around every corner, how can you find which place serves up the best in town? Why not go with the one that started it all, Pat's King of Steaks, where they're serving up some of the best cheesesteaks in town, with some of the biggest celebrities in the world stopping by for a bite. Pat's started as a simple hot dog stand at the base of Philadelphia's Italian Market, where one day he decided to try something different for lunch, so put some chopped steak on to an Italian roll and mixed in some onions. What resulted would take the world by storm, and become one of the most famous foods in the United States, making the Philly a household name all around the world. Pat's is still serving them up, just like they used to, chopped steak, cheese and onions, and it remains one of the best places in town to grab a sandwich. If a cheesesteak isn't quite your thing, you can try one of their other varieties, such as the pizza steak, the mushroom steak, or the pepper steak. Wash it down with a nice soda, or add on a side of french fries of cheese fries to make the perfect meal. When it comes time to bite into your first cheesesteak, make sure you choose the very best. Pat's King of Steaks is a Philadelphia institution, and since 1930 has been serving Philadelphians the best in sandwiches, so apartment-ites seeking to get a real taste of Philly need only take a trip down and bite into the food that's made the city famous.

39.93084 -75.159912 9th and Wharton Avenue Philadelphia (213) 468-1546 approved 4
Pink Rose Pastry Shop

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Philadelphia is a paradise for sweet tooths, so apartment-ites looking to grab a nibble of something delectable need only take a few steps before they're met with a bakery, cake shop, or café serving up delicious treats to entice the senses. The problem is, sometimes those sweets are quite as natural or fresh as you'd like them to be, so you have to search out the freshest and most delicious confections you can. One of the best options in town for the cake inclined in the Pink Rose Pastry Shop, winner of many awards over the years for excellent in serving up the best pies, cakes, pastries and other sweet stuffs from all around the world. Many bakeries and coffe shops used pre-made ingredients to make their pastries, but at Pink Rose, every ingredient is fresh, and all foods are made from scratch, and when you take your first bite of gooey cake or scrumptious pie, you'll be able to taste the different freshness makes. All kinds of confectionary delight is at your fingertips, from cheesecakes, to danish, to their signature eclairs and Fiesta chocolate cake. You can enjoy a freshly brewed cup of tea to go with your delicious treats, or take in a nice hot cup of coffee. No matter what you choose at this cute, quaint little café, you'll end up with a fantastic bit of sugary goodness. Sweets may be a dime a dozen in Philadelphia, but apartment-ites searching for something that goes above and beyond need to check out this local favorite, where fresh ingredients, hand-made devotion to quality, and a cozy atmosphere makes for a fantastic experience.

39.941103 -75.149412 630 S 4th St Philadelphia (215) 592-0565 approved 4
La Colombe Torrefaction

Apartments near La Colombe Torrefaction

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When it comes time for your morning cup of joe, you have any number of options, from making it at the apartment, to grabbing a cup at Starbucks, to hitting up one of the hip indie coffee houses around town, but if you want the most delicious coffee is all of Philadelphia, there's just one place to hit. La Colombe Torrefaction, right in the heart of downtown Philly will serve up the best cup of joe in town, along with some delicious confections to make the smooth, strong flavors that much more tantalizing. If you're a coffee fan and you want to try something different from the everyday grind, check out La Colombe. Colombe brews its very own coffee, grinding its own beans and making coffee basically from scratch. You're not just limited to a couple of flavors either, with La Colombe offering up five different flavors for your imbibing needs. You can choose from their Corsica, a strong, rounded, American-style flavor, Phocea, with an intense flavor but gentle overtones, Nizza, a Northern-Italy styled espresso with a sweet flavor and softer style, Beaulieu, a mellow coffee with some kick, and the Monte Carlo, which offers all the strong, full flavors of the best concoctions, but without the caffeine. You can also choose how finely you want it ground, from a coarse ground, for coffee presses, medium for most coffee machines, fine ground for espresso machines, and Turkish grind, the finest grind possible. There are also numerous delicious pastries, muffins and cakes to go along with the coffee, and you can even order coffees from your location online, if you want the taste of some of the greatest coffee right in your apartment. You have a number of places to get your coffee, but why not take it from the best? Philadelphia's La Colombe Torrefaction is the ideal spot for taking in a sweet cup of joe, without having to go through the trouble of putting it together at your apartment.

39.950746 -75.172204 130 S. 19th Street Philadelphia (215) 563-0860 approved 4
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