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Chattanooga Parks & Recreation — From parks and nature trails to swimming pools and playgrounds, this city is full of wonderful places to discover new adventures out of the confines of your Chattanooga apartments. Whether you love singing songs around a campfire at one of the Chattanooga area's beautiful campgrounds, biking the well worn bike trails, or simply basking in the sun near your Chattanooga apartment community swimming pool, your escape is just a few steps away. Check out some of the best places around your Chattanooga apartment to get some fresh air and some much needed recreation!
Lookout Mountain

Apartments near Lookout Mountain


There are plenty of beautiful vistas throughout the city, but for a person from a Chattanooga apartment, there are few spots better than Lookout Mountain. Just a short distance from downtown, you can experience the wonder of seeing the entire city right at your fingertips, with their ingenious viewers which allow you to find and view any spot in the city from your vantage point, one of the highest points in all the city. With an apartment near Lookout Mountain, you won't just find yourself near the wonderful viewpoint, but also next to two of Chattanooga's other big attractions, Ruby Falls and Rock City, giving you the chance to explore all the best that the city has to offer within venturing far from your front door. From the top of Lookout Mountain, you can see the entire city, and the valley beyond, stretch out before you, creating a scene you find nowhere else in town, but for those who want an even better view, there's more you can do. Those visitors from Chattanooga apartments who want to see even more of their city and the land beyond can step aboard the Lookout Mountain Incline Railway, and enjoy the ride as the train slowly makes its way up the steep mountain, giving visitors an interesting and unique experience as they view the countryside around their town unlike they ever have, venturing into the clouds for a very intriguing experience. For those who prefer to stay more grounded, there's still plenty to explore and see, as the valley looms out beyond you, giving a breathtaking view to visitors from near Lookout Mountains, as well as those making the trek from across the city. There's simply nothing like the thrill of reaching the top of Lookout Mountain and watching as the entire valley stretches out before you. This view can be yours anytime you like with an apartment near Lookout Mountain, letting you explore all the beauty of the valley year round without taking the long trip out.

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Lake Winnepesaukah Amusement Park

Apartments near Lake Winnepesaukah Amusement Park


Are you people from Chattanooga apartments looking for thrills and spill without having to venture far from the city limits? Never you fret, because there's one place in town offering up some of the most amazing rides and attractions right in your own backyard. At Lake Winnepesaukah Amusement Park, known to those in the know simply as Lake Winnie, folks from Chattanooga apartments can get all the fun they need at one stop, with some of the best thrill rides in town for some killer prices. Thrill enthusiasts should search out an apartment near Lake Winnepesaukah Amusement Park, keeping them close at hand to all the fun dips and spills they need. There a ride at Lake Winnie for just about everybody, not matter what your age or skill level may be. They have huge rollercoasters and thrill rides for the truly brave, fun, safe rides for the young ones, and plenty of entertaining rides for those folks in between. Rollercoasters like the tall, death-defying cannonball, or the twisty, turning, edge-of-your-seat shocking Wild Lightning are enough to keep the adventurous coming back for more, as will other rides such as the OH-Zone, a heady rush that plummets straight down several hundred feet, or the thrilling Pirate, which rocks you up in the air and down to create one astonishing, if nausea-inducing, experience. Those less into the heights and speed of the roller coasters don't need to fret, there's plenty else to do, such as the fun and lively bumper cars, or the paddle boats, which allow you explore the beautiful lake while getting a work out. For the children, there's plenty of fun to be had. They can take a trip on rides such as the Bumblebee or the Frog Hopper, and laugh the day away with thrills of their own. The park even has events and concerts, so if you want stay in touch with the action happening in the park, an apartment near Lake Winnepesaukah Amusement Park is your best bet. Want to be near all the best thrills, spills and chills in all of Chattanooga? Then an apartment near Lake Winnepesaukah Amusement Park is simply a must. Nowhere else in town can folks with Chattanooga apartments find such fun and adventure all in one location.

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Raccoon Mountain Caverns

Apartments near Raccoon Mountain Caverns


Deep below our feet lies an unseen world full of twists and turns and intriguing alcoves seen by few human eyes, a whole subterranean world that few people ever get to see. At Raccoon Mountain Caves, you can be one of those select few, journeying into the bowels of the earth and taking in some of the most interesting caves in the country. With expeditions for both novices and experts, visitors of any age from Chattanooga apartments can explore these caves without having to worry about pushing themselves too hard, and they can just sit back and enjoy their adventures into the earth. For those cave enthusiasts out there, an apartment near Raccoon Mountain Caves is a stellar idea, giving you the chance to journey below ground with as short a trip as possible. As folks from Chattanooga apartments journey below the earth and into the twisting and turning trails below the earth, things may get a bit confusing, but luckily they offer up tours for any experience level. With the Crystal Palace Tour, visitors will be given a 45-minute walking tour through the massive, expansive cave system, with a knowledgeable guide to help you make sense of all the beautiful rock formations and intriguing cave systems you'll find yourself journeying through. For those looking for a more extreme experience, they can go on one of the Wild Cave Expeditions, which takes you through the deepest, darkest sections of the caves, many of which will try the visitor physically, making this only for those who are experienced in cave exploration, or those who think themselves fit enough to make it. There are a number of fascinating tours to be had, some that even allow visitors to spend the night in the cave itself while journeying your way through the darkest sections of the caverns. It's a fun experience for anyone, whether they have an apartment near Raccoon Mountain Caves, or if they're coming from an apartment across the city, to experience all the wonder and mystery that hides within the darkest parts of the globe. Whether you're an experience explorer looking for your next big fix, or an amateur cave-lover wanting to learn a little more, there's plenty to see and do within Raccoon Mountain Caves. An apartment near Raccoon Mountain Caves will promise you first list placement on any of the most extreme tours, and will make sure that you're always there for all the action to be had within the depths of the caverns.

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Reflection Riding Arboretum

Apartments near Reflection Riding Arboretum


With some of the best weather in the country, Chattanooga apartment residents are in luck when the springtime hits, with numerous places to go and explore, but few offer up such natural beauty as Reflection Riding Arboretum. At Reflection Riding, folks from Chattanooga apartments can see all the wonders of the natural world unfold before them, as they walk serene paths through gorgeous arbors, for one of the greatest experiences in all of the city. People with apartments near Reflection Riding Arboretum can have all this beauty right outside there window, and can visit with a simple walk down the street. Reflection Riding isn't your usual arboretum, with just a few acres of a just a half-dozen species of trees to explore. They have over 300-acres for people from Chattanooga apartments to take in, with dozens and dozens of different species of trees, ranging from birch, to cypress, to pine, to magnolia, and everything in between. The arboretum is also home to a beautiful botanical garden full of some of the most beautiful flowers in the region, adding a splash of color to the peaceful green foliage that surrounds you through your trip. Those seeking serenity will find no better place, for when the cool wind blows through the trees, howling its soft howl, and the light dances through te treetops, there are few more breath taking sights in all of nature, filling visitors to the brim with awe and delight. This thrill can be yours year round with an apartment near Reflection Riding Arboretum, where the wonders of nature sit right outside your door. Reflection Riding Arboretum gives visitors from Chattanooga apartments the chance to get in touch with nature in a way few other places in town can offer. People with apartments near Reflection Riding Arboretum can tell you, there's no better place to find peace and quiet in all of the city, nor any place better to see just how beautiful the natural world can be.

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River Gallery Sculpture Garden

Apartments near River Gallery Sculpture Garden


Art and the natural world are two of the most beautiful things are earth, but where can folks from Chattanooga apartments go to enjoy both at once? Luckily, there's one spot offering up the chance to do just that at the River Gallery Sculpture Garden. With over two acres to explore, full of over two dozen piece of sculptures to see, it's one of the best ways to spend a Chattanooga afternoon, enjoying the sun and weather, while enriching your soul with some gorgeous art. Art fans and nature lovers alike will find an apartment near the River Gallery Sculpture Garden a wise investment, helping you keep in touch with the natural world and the world of art all at the same time. The permanent gallery at the River Gallery Sculpture Garden features works for just about any taste, from the most traditional piece to the more avant-garde, from some of the best sculptors in the area. These contrast beautifully with the greenery of the park itself, with the background of the lake behind, creating one of the best ways to view works of art in the entire state. In addition to the permanent gallery on display, there's also a place where visiting exhibits can go on display, making a visit a new experience every time, even for frequent visitors from apartment near the River Gallery Sculpture Garden. Whether you're an art fan, a nature lover, or you're just a person from a Chattanooga apartment looking for a great way to spend an afternoon, you'll find just what you need at the River Gallery Sculpture Garden. When the sun is out, the wind is blowing, and your friends are at your side, you'll see just why an apartment near the River Gallery Sculpture Garden was such a good idea, giving you access to some of the most breath taking art and nature in all of the city.

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Ruby Falls

Apartments near Ruby Falls


There are many beautiful and mysterious things lurking beneath the feet of Chattanooga apartment residents, but none are more breath taking than Ruby Falls. The largest underground waterfall in the world, folks with apartments near Ruby Falls will get the opportunity to visit these falls whenever they like, and find out all the information they could ever want to know about the falls and their history. Surrounded by the deepest commercial cave in the United States, this massive waterfall will surely amaze any visitors from Chattanooga apartments, and around the world. The Ruby Falls are one of the most popular spots to visit in the entire city, with over 8 thousand visitors every year making their way to these grand falls and caves. The falls themselves offer a pleasant centerpoint to their journey for people from Chattanooga apartments, but it's only part of the fun. There's plenty of other attractions to keep anyone entertained, from kids to adults and everyone in between. For visiting children, there's the Forest Fun Playground, with plenty of fun slides and ridges to keep kids coming back again and again, even those from apartments near Ruby Falls. If you feel a bit peckish, you can always stop into either of the fine restaurants on the grounds, including the Cavern Café, which offers traditional favorites such at hot dogs, sandwiches and wraps, or, for more refined tastes, you can visit the Fun Forest Grill for things such as grilled chicken or hamburgers. With such natural beauty, and all the other attractions to boot, why wouldn't any person from a Chattanooga apartment not want to give these falls a visit? If you're looking for true natural wonder in Chattanooga, you need look no further than at Ruby Falls, spot of one of the most amazing sites in all the state. You can get in touch with this natural wonder whenever you like with an apartment near Ruby Falls, giving you a chance to visit the falls without a long trip to the location.

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