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New York City Decor & Style — New York City apartments residents are constantly on an adventure. This fun, free lifestyle has us out and about enjoying the entertainment, dining and nightlife options that New York City has to offer, but just because we like to be out and about doesn't mean we should skimp on making our New York City apartments have a little style and flair of their own. Decor and style should always be remembered! As you're New York City apartment living guide, it's my duty to not only help you find the perfect New York City apartments, but to also help you get the most out of living in them. Whether you need to pick up a new piece of eccentric art or are looking for some furniture ideas, I've compiled a list of places the apartments near them for you to use to help you get your New York City apartments looking good in no time. Get to crackin!
Future Perfect

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When decorating your New York City apartment, it’s important to remember to put your own spirit into the things you pick, and always keep a sense of originality about it. It can be difficult to seek out something original with all the ho-hum furniture stores cluttering up the streets, but one place that’s still delivering beautiful furniture time and time again, that also features some of the most unique designs in all of the city, is the Future Perfect, where the best in modern and post-modern design is put on display for hungry New York apartment-ites to devour. This furniture won’t just turn heads, it will stop your guests in their tracks, because designs as amazing as these can’t be found anywhere else in the city. Furniture doesn’t have to the usual leather sofas and dining room sets, so go with something different for your apartment, and go with the Future Perfect. Whatever it is you need to decorate your New York apartment, the Future Perfect has it in original designs that are so above anything else you’ll find in town, you’ll find it well worth the price. For your seating needs, they have such fascinating works as a bench made entirely of rolled steel, gnome stools made from a thermoplastic tecnhopolymer, and even a leather box sofa, for those wanting a touch of originality to their more normal furnishings. Table shopping can also be a lot of fun here at the Future Perfect, with a dozen different fun and hip options available at your fingertips. You can get a table in the shape on an ostrich’s feet made from recycled wood, a series of cork tables that are made of, and shaped like, the substance, a Russian table made out of aluminum and glass, or even a table covered from head to toe with balloons. Just because all you’re going to do is set something on it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be a conversation starter. If you’re done shopping for furniture, and are now searching for those items to really make your apartment sing, then never you fear, Future Perfect has all the tiny odds and ends that can make your apartment special. You can find gold-plated piggy banks, porcelain money keepers in just about any shape you can imagine, a post-modern lightswitch, candle holders in the shape of babies heads, bowls shaped like fixed fruit, even wallpaper, lighting and any number of specific items that will set your apartment on fire with original and fascinating color and texture. Future Perfect has the perfect things to turn your New York apartment into something special. Shopping furniture doesn’t have to be a drag, and you don’t have to be tied down by traditional beliefs in classic styles, colors and textures. Add some fire and life to your New York apartment with Future Perfect, where post-modern and modern art meet furniture to create some of the most brilliant items you’ll likely to find in the entire city.

40.71827 -73.959675 115 N 6th St Brooklyn (718) 599-6278 approved 4
Hip & Humble

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If you’re a New York City apartment-ite, there’s a constant need to feel hip, even in moments where most folks wouldn’t care about hipness. For those people searching for a real hip flavor for their New York City apartment, take a trip down to Hip and Humble Home, where the flavor of East meets the talent of West and something beautiful is created. Whether you’re looking for furniture for your bedroom, dining room, living room, or even bathroom, they’ve got it all at Hip and Humble Home, and all with a style and flair that just can’t be beat. Your friends will stop and stare at all the beautiful pieces that are to be found at this popular furnishings store, and the furniture is sure to start its fair share of conversations. It can be difficult deciding just how to decorate your New York apartment, but Hip and Humble home should have all the furniture you need to make your apartment a home. For your living room, there are plenty of options in sofas including sectionals, chaises, loveseats, and reclining sofas, all in your choice of many vibrant colors, and all in gorgeous leather or microfiber, and all brought in from around the world, and if you’re looking for chairs, they have any type you could want, from wooden chairs for your dining room, to leather arm chairs, to stools for the bar, all in beautiful styles, also from around the globe. Decorating your bedroom also got a lot easier, with dozens of options available for those wanting to make the room really pop. Whether you’re looking for a bed, which they feature in a number of materials and styles, an armoir, a bedside table, or any number of other accessories, they have them all with original and fascinating designs that will leave any trendy New Yorker on their head with delight. Sometimes it’s not the big pieces of furniture that are most difficult to shop for, but the small accessories that make your New York apartment something special. Whether it’s tableware or accent pieces, statuary or magazine racks, it’s the small things that give an apartment life and flavor. Hip and Humble Home features a wide selection of accessories, including a wide variety of candles, pillows, textiles, mirrors, and other items of interest to breathe that last little bit of life into your apartment. New York apartment residents know that it’s very important to be trendy, so when it comes to buy furniture, hip is in, which is why Hip and Humble Home is such a lifesaver, featuring fine furnishings from around the world, with style that can’t be beat, which will have your friends and family awed and amazed, and which will you keep you coming back for more.

40.750252 -73.98924 132 1/2 W. 34th Street New York (212) 675-1527 approved 4
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