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Apartments in Staten Island, NY (8,696 Rentals)

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Apartments for rent in Staten Island, NY
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Studio Apartments$1,605$900$2,345
1 Bedroom Apartments$1,739$710$2,851
2 Bedroom Apartments$2,512$846$161,675
3 Bedroom Apartments$2,586$975$4,795
4+ Bedroom Apartments$2,418$1,100$3,950

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Ah, Staten Island, one of the most blue collar and proud destinations in all of the New York boroughs. The southernmost tip of not only the Big Apple but also the entire Empire State, the aptly named locale is a fantastic place to call home, flush with job opportunities, exciting nightlife and some of the most colorful residents you are apt to meet in all of New York.


Much like Brooklyn, Queens and the rest of the New York City boroughs, Staten Island has a distinct story all its own. Playing a large role in the Revolutionary War, Staten Island was the site of numerous bloody battles, and acted as a stationary area for numerous British soldiers for a period of time before finally evacutating in 1783. Fast forward to the consolidation of New York in the late 1800's, and Staten Island truly began to come into its own. The completed construction of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge opened great expansion of population to the area, and the overall populace of Staten Island practically doubled in the years from 1960 to 1999. Continued growth and the addition of cultural hot spots such as the Staten Island Conservatory of Music and the Richmond University Medical Center throughout the 1990's have added to the appeal of the city, and it remains an on-the-move destination.


Like much of downstate New York, the weather in Staten Island tends to overly mild much of the year. Summers generally hover in the low 90's, while the fall can be blustery with the winds off the water. Winter can be chilly but also large snow accumulation is fairly rare, with spring often sited as the most comfortable of the seasons. Rain can be commonplace, especially in the springtime.

Getting Around

Staten Island boasts easy access to a variety of neighboring states and cities, with a trio of bridges leading in and out of New Jersey as well as the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge leading direct to Brooklyn. The Staten Island Ferry remains a hugely popular mode of transportation, while the MTA bus service assists in getting the residents of Staten Island apartments to and from work, with over thirty lines criss-crossing the city. The Staten Island Railway also is a great way to get around, and bicycling has been on the rise in popularity as well.


Staten Island boasts the most car owners in all of New York city, with over 80% of residents claiming at least one vehicle. Unsurprisingly, traffic thus tends to get congested easily, and prime time commuter snarls can stretch for miles on bad days or during accidents. The various bridges leading in and out of the other boroughs are similarly subject to high traffic, especially during the morning and late afternoon rush times. I-278 is the most widely used highway, running access into New Jersey as well as Brooklyn, with the big city excitement of Manhattan also accessible via an assortment of tunnels and bridges. Route 440 offers further access to the outreaches of New Jersey, and unlike much of the rest of New York City the majority of the streets in Staten Island are not on a grid system, but more commonly broken down into a series of neighborhoods and suburbs.


Staten Island boasts a large number of radio stations catering to an eclectic variety of tastes, from sports talk to politics, hip-hop to classic rock. The New York Daily News remains a popular newspaper among the locals, and a wide variety of affiliate broadcasters help beam popular programming from such networks as CBS and NBC. The 'Staten Island Advance' is yet another popular local newspaper.

Why Here

Considerably more affordable than outlying New York city boroughs like Manhattan or Brooklyn, Staten Island offers an easy charm all its own. Ideal for families, this blue collar hot spot is a consistently growing hot spot for industry jobs, and the natural scenery of the beaches and seafood eateries don't hurt much either. A large number of public parks and recreation area also contribute to making Staten Island a favorite.


Natural landmarks are in large supply throughout Staten Island, from the Hoffman Island to The Isle of Meadows. The Todt Hill summit is also an awe-inspiring viewpoint, climbing over 400 feet and a huge hit with nature lovers and hikers alike. Clove Lake Park is a popular destination for families, while those looking for a cultural outing will undoubtedly enjoy the Museum of Tibetan Art as well as the National Lighthouse Museum. History buffs will have much to cheer for as well, with a large number of locations chalking up membership on the National Registry of Historic Places. Historic Richmond Town is a living history area of Staten Island, and the Snug Harbor Area is comprised of stately structures well worth exploring.

Things to do

The Staten Island Zoo remains a popular draw among residents of area Staten Island apartments, complete with their notable rattlesnake exhibit (one of the most comprehensive in the entire world). The New York Chinese Scholar's Garden is a great place for quiet introspection, and the area Botanical Gardens draw visitors from all over New York. The Noble Maritime Collection is yet another impressive display, and a great way to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon.


The Staten Island Beach Fest is probably the borough's most popular yearly event, drawing huge crowds with its live music and eatery attractions. A number of fairs and regional block parties also take to the city most summers, making Staten Island a great place to get to know your neighbor while enjoying local seafood or some fried dough at the same time.

Vacation spots

Look around - you're in New York City! The Big Apple is teeming with exciting vacation options, from the bright lights of 42nd Street and its Broadway-worthy plays, to the rocking sounds of Irving Plaza. Of course, the boardwalks of the Jersey Shore are also just a short drive away as well.

Where to move

Staten Island offers a bevy of neighborhoods for every walk of life, from coastal extravagance to economic family housing. Regardless of where you end up, one thing is for sure - there's nothing quite like life in Staten Island, NY!

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