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Apartments in the Studio City Neighborhood of Los Angeles, CA (929 Rentals)

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Apartments for rent in Studio City, CA
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Studio Apartments
1 Bedroom Apartments$2,245$1,495$4,798
2 Bedroom Apartments$2,954$1,775$7,879
3 Bedroom Apartments$3,788$2,995$5,099
4+ Bedroom Apartments---

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Around Los Angeles and Hollywood, it's all about the movies, and no town in this region more encapsulates that mantra than Studio City. Named such because of the large number of movie studios which once sat within their city limits, Studio City is home to some of the classiest and coolest people around, where around every corner you might just catch a glimpse of a star. Studio City apartment-ites can enjoy the luxury their town offers, with several awesome attractions, whether they're art nuts, history buffs, or dance freaks.

Being the home of many TV and movie studios, one of the most entertaining things to do for both visitors and Studio City apartment-ites alike is to take in all the sets and studios which can be found around town. Some of these include the CBS Studios, the Brady Bunch house, and Sacred Heart Hospital from the hit show, Scrubs. In addition to this, there are also plenty of historical spots to hit up, the most amazing of which is the Old Brown Church, which has been welcoming members since the early 1930s. If you're looking for some hot nightlife, you'll find it here as well, because in town, and in many towns close by, you can find some of the hottest clubs and bars around, where you might just see a few of your favorite celebrities of the big of the small screen dancing the night away or taking in a few drinks.

Glamour and luxury is what living in Studio City is all about, so there are many attractions that take full advantage of that. Studio City apartment-ites can explore all of the studios and sets that give this city its name, as well as numerous other hot spots, and even take a quick trip into LA or Hollywood within just a few miles.

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Avalon Studio 4121 Apartments
Apartment Unit For Rent

Avalon Studio 4121 Apartments

4121 Radford Ave Universal City, CA 91604

1 to 2 bedrooms $2,725

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