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Apartments for rent in Cleveland, OH

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Studio Apartments$899$400$1,995
1 Bedroom Apartments$1,268$288$4,799
2 Bedroom Apartments$1,482$310$5,995
3 Bedroom Apartments$1,858$643$7,745
4+ Bedroom Apartments$2,793$699$4,500

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As the unofficial capital of America’s north coast, the affection that the people of Cleveland have for their town is shared by the entire region. Clevelanders are not afraid of a little snow. You’ll see children riding sleds on sidewalks and snowball fights in the parks. When other cities shut down and shiver- Cleavlanders come out and play! If Jefferson Airplane wasn’t talking about Cleveland, they should have been, because Clevelenders really did build this city on rock and roll, and as the home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, they’ve got the chops to prove it. They’ve got a unique appetite as well. With heaping corned beef sandwiches, shockingly strange Polish Boy hot dogs, and plenty to offer in the 5-star restaurant department as well, eating is nothing to be sneezed at in Cleveland. Unlike in many large cities, walking is socially acceptable here. It’s ranked among many top 10 most walkable cities lists. Why would you want to miss all this culture by riding in a car anyway?


Cleveland was established by the Connecticut Land Company in 1796, and became the Cuyahoga County seat in 1807. After the War of 1812, the city ceased to fall under attack by native Americans and the population was finally able to flourish. Cleveland became an important center of industry in the early 1900s. Located between several important transport routes, it quickly developed a vibrant working community. These working people suffered during the Great Depression as layoffs decimated the economy, but Cleveland recovered and lived to become a great cultural icon. In 2000, just 500,000 people made up the population, a fact that no doubt contributes to the genteel atmosphere which pervades the city.


Despite its reputation for cold winters and snowy weather, the fact is that Cleveland has, overall, some of the mildest weather in the country. Cleveland's warm season offers an average temperature of 72 degrees Fahrenheit, lasts from the end of May to mid-September and varies within a very agreeable range of between 70 and 81 degrees. The city’s cold season runs from December 5th to the 10th of March and boasts a daily average temperature of 40 degrees- not bad for a Northeastern state. It’s coldest day of the year, January 25, runs between 23 and 34 degrees. To anyone who’s used to the cold, that is a toasty winter.

Getting Around

Making your way around town is easy in Cleveland. It’s made several ‘most walkable cities’ lists and features many neighborhoods that are very convenient for foot travel. Cleveland has one of the nation’s finest public transport systems, and possibly the finest internal rail system- which compares favorably even with New York’s famous subway. It may not be advisable to move here without a car, but you’d have a better chance of living without one here than about 90% of the country.


Like any other major industrial metropolitan city, Cleveland’s highway system has got its ups and downs. With some of the broadest interstate highways in the nation, second in width perhaps only to the L.A. area- Cleveland’s major roadway systems are prone to bottlenecks, traffic jams, and pile-ups. The situation isn’t damning, however. Many people still commute to and from work successfully by a variety of means. Fortunately, the city itself makes up for this with its high walkability and its excellent public transit system. What’s more, for a major city- the relatively low population means that traffic within the downtown area and surrounding neighborhoods is pretty manageable. All in all, for a major city commuting in and around Cleveland, is on the whole about a 7 out of 10 experience.


If you have not yet caught your big break out west in Hollywood, try taking your act eastward. Cleveland’s television market is ranked 19th nationwide by Nielsen Media Research in comparison to nearby Akron and Canton. Naturally, with a strong tradition in Rap, and as the already mentioned home of the Rock and Roll hall of Fame, the radio experience here is no small affair.

Why Here

Known for its blue collar spirit, Cleveland is a welcoming place for hard working people of all kinds. Rock and Roll and gregarious attitudes prevail. Not that there’s no place for people who enjoy a little quiet time, and the finer things either. Cleveland has time for everybody and every mood- and it’s no exaggeration to say- something for everyone. And even better - the options in great apartments in Cleveland also abound!


Cleveland is a major American cultural center, and as such it offers a healthy helping of historic landmarks. There’s the James Garfield monument, the historic Little Italy area, the USS Cod memorial, and the stunning- if rueful- Lakeview Cemetary. There’s just way too many to mention here, but take our word for it, Cleveland has plenty of attractive and historical landmarks to enjoy.

Things to do

This town is loaded with terrific entertainment opportunities. The night life is just bursting! There are world famous museums and concert halls. The sports scene is unique with a collection of teams that may not have a penchant for winning- but getting involved in joining their supporting fans entails being swept up in festivities and excitement that are second to none. Speaking of festivities...


There many festivals and events worth gearing up for in Cleveland. Among the many options include the Mid-American Boat Show, International Beer Fest and Hessler Street Fair. Garlic lovers unite at the Cleveland Garlic Festival while many Cleveland locals deck themselves out in Green and get out of their Cleveland apartments to enjoy a fantastic St. Patricks Day Parade.

Vacation spots

There’s so much within the city that a family vacation here would be a great way to become acquainted with the city. Visiting the museums, landmarks, sports centers, and restaurants will keep you entertained for several days. Outside the city, there are lakeside resorts nearby that may make a better getaway once you’ve lived here for a while. Many more beautiful vacation opportunities exist within the state of Ohio.

Where to move

With so much to do and see, and such a unique and friendly population in so many neighborhoods, you could hardly miss when your looking for apartments in Cleveland, Ohio. Nevertheless, we thought it would be helpful to list some of the most popular areas to put down stakes. A great place to raise a family, Rocky River offers access to award-winning schools, boasts a low crime rate and is about 10 miles away from the downtown area. The Tremont area, among the city’s oldest neighborhoods, features a lot of historic architecture, plenty of property that’s ideal for home makeover specialists- and it’s just a hop away from the heart of the city. With tree-lined boulevards and magnificent older homes, Shaker Heights is a self-sufficient community all to itself, full of independent-minded people.


Residents who choose to make their new homes in one of the many Cleveland apartments for rent available in "the Home of Rock and Roll" love it for its culture, diversity in a number of economic sectors, and attractions to delight throughout the city that go way beyond the stage.

Because of the sheer number of fantastic apartment listings available in the city and the surrounding areas, finding an apartment here can be just as exciting as living here. As your apartment search guide, gives you the tools you need to find apartments in Cleveland that fit you best by showing you all the wonderful things the city has to offer along with all of the best available apartment options.

It's our goal to help you find your new place by featuring high-resolution photos, floorplans, updated pricing, community features and neighborhood information on top apartment listings throughout the Cleveland area. Filter your search by price, bedroom counts, location around the city, or any of your needed and wished amenities to find the place that you fall in love with and just have to have.

Finding a neighborhood that suits you is a key to getting the most out of your apartment lifestyle in Cleveland. If you're a hip person who loves having shopping and great restaurants within walking distance you might start your search by looking at Coventry Village apartments. Or - if you thrive on culture and art, you might take a look at some Cleveland apartment listings in Tremont, which has become a hot bed for artists and entertainment options. Those who want to be as close to possible and love nature might be right at home in apartments in Edgewater. No matter where you'd like to live in this great city, we have you covered.

After you've moved into your new home, whether you like to get your kicks out shopping, dining with friends, dancing the night away, catching a show, or simply enjoying nature, Cleveland has it all to offer. Shoppers enjoy the trendy retail chains and one of kind boutiques found throughout the city, while local food lovers can delight in a place where award wining cuisine mixes with the worlds best burger joints to create a dining haven for any resident.

Neighborhood pubs, night clubs and, of course, live music venues for all that rock-n-roll are easily located all over the city too. And let's not forget the sports. With the Browns, Cavs and Indians all home town teams, catching a great game is an option year round. Whether you're looking for a quiet night out and a few beers or to paint the town red the possibilities are endless. There's no better place to have fun.

So what are you waiting for? Whether you are moving across town or looking for an apartment from afar, I invite you to explore the available Cleveland apartments for rent at!

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