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Apartments in Santa Monica, CA (6,668 Rentals)

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Apartments for rent in Santa Monica, CA
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How much does it cost to rent an apartment in Santa Monica?
BedroomsAverage RentCheapest RentHighest Rent
Studio Apartments$2,649$1,250$6,966
1 Bedroom Apartments$3,453$1,395$9,595
2 Bedroom Apartments$4,512$1,800$24,500
3 Bedroom Apartments$6,500$3,095$20,528
4+ Bedroom Apartments$9,112$4,700$11,500

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If you want to live in a city that has it all, look no further than Santa Monica, California. This beachside town is nestled in a spot between an excellent coastline and the city of Los Angeles. Apartments in Santa Monica offer residents a fantastic lifestyle.


The city's location has been inhabited for centuries, starting with the Gabrielino and Chumash tribes. In 1542, the first European contact was made, and the area was named after Santa Monica (Saint Monica) in 1769 when Gaspar de Portola and his men took a break in a lovely, shady spot near two springs. The area went from Spanish to Mexican to American control over the years, and in 1875, lots were auctioned to form a town. Since then, Santa Monica has grown into one of the best-loved cities in Southern California.


Santa Monica has an amazing year-round climate. In winter, the city can get some rain, though seasonal totals are not very high. Temperatures throughout the year tend to remain in a narrow bracket, with highs usually in the 60s and 70s and lows typically not dropping below the upper 40s or low 50s. Spring and fall are moderate, early spring sees the tail end of the rainy season, late spring and early summer see the May Gray and June Gloom marine layer take over in the mornings, and early fall can be rather toasty. Fall and winter often see Santa Ana wind conditions.

Getting Around

Residents who are traveling within the boundaries of the city can walk, but travel outside the city limits requires either a car or a lot of patience. There is public transit, Santa Monica itself is served by the Big Blue Bus system, and you can make connections to the Metro bus and Expo light rail system run by the city of Los Angeles. Los Angeles International is a few miles south of the city.


Traffic in Santa Monica is intense. The city is part of the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area and thus has heavy traffic throughout the day, both from commuters and beachgoers. The majority -- a small one -- of car commutes tend to be under 35 minutes. Interstate 10 starts at the coast in Santa Monica where it branches off from the Pacific Coast Highway.


As part of the Greater Los Angeles region, Santa Monica gets all of the radio and TV channels, as well as the same cable options, as the rest of the region. Every major broadcaster and several independent stations are available. The Los Angeles Times is the main newspaper, several papers serve communities that speak languages other than English. The city also has a number of local papers.

Why Here

Santa Monica is one of the cities that could be truly called paradise. Access to excellent beaches, a walkable local layout, proximity to all sorts of geological and geographical landmarks, and a laid-back, modern atmosphere make it a truly unforgettable place.


You can't go to Santa Monica and not see a landmark anywhere you look. From the iconic Santa Monica Pier to the wide beaches and surf, the Third Street Promenade, the California Incline, and more, you will find landmarks wherever you go.

Things to do

Go to the pier and play games or fish, go to the beach and bodysurf the waves, shop at the Promenade, or just walk around, it's all good in Santa Monica. Places like Disneyland, Six Flags Magic Mountain, and Knott's Berry Farm are within a couple of hours' drive.


Santa Monica is home to both the annual Santa Monica Festival and the Santa Monica Fall Festival. Both feature art, crafts, food, games, and more.

Vacation spots

If you're in Santa Monica, you're in one of the most diverse spots on Earth. For vacations you can stay in the city or go to a nearby amusement park, visit Catalina Island or take a cruise around one of the other Channel Islands, go up into the mountains of Los Angeles, or go further afield to Palm Springs, Santa Barbara, San Diego, and more.

Where to move

Santa Monica is a small, affluent town, but it still has its good and bad spots. Check out the area north of Montana, Mid-City, and Ocean Park, but be aware that areas change in desirability quickly in the region.

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AO Santa Monica Apartments
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AO Santa Monica Apartments

2200 Colorado Ave Santa Monica, CA 90404

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