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Apartments in Ann Arbor, MI (821 Rentals)

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Apartments for rent in Ann Arbor, MI
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BedroomsAverage RentCheapest RentHighest Rent
Studio Apartments$1,326$650$2,397
1 Bedroom Apartments$1,305$400$3,263
2 Bedroom Apartments$1,481$495$3,020
3 Bedroom Apartments$1,839$599$3,676
4+ Bedroom Apartments$1,638$699$7,803

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Ann Arbor is the county seat of Washtenaw County and one of the largest cities in Michigan. According to the census done in 2015, the estimated population of persons living there is 117,070. Ann Arbor boasts of best public schools, research institutions and recreational parks among others. With the great research institutions present, it is a great place to live in, study and work.


An undeveloped land was offered to the state of Michigan by some speculators to be used as the state capital. However in 1837, the University of Michigan was set up in that property. After the establishment of the institution, the metropolis became a carriage hub with the coming of Michigan Central Railroad in 1839. However, vigorous growth principally in manufacturing was only experienced in that area in the 1880’s.


Ann Arbor is known for experiencing a humid continental climate. This is majorly swayed by the great lakes in that city. Like many other cities in the world, it experiences four seasons namely, winter, autumn, spring and summer. Winter is usually very cold and sometimes snowfalls are experienced from the month of November to April.

Getting Around

Ann Arbor is approximately 35 miles west of Detroit. There are paths that one can use to get there either by foot or bike in case one is not so far from the city. In addition, bus services are offered near Ypsilanti and also zero-fare buses operate in and out of the Michigan University. However, the easiest and fastest way is to book a cab or a train. The largest airport serving the area is Detroit Metropolitan Airport.


The main highway connecting major towns to the east and west of Ann Arbor is I-94. With this route, one can commute to any of the towns without difficulty. Traffic or congestion is usually at the highway entrances or exits. Additionally, commuting during the evening and morning rush hours should be avoided.


Ann Arbor’s main newspaper is the Ann Arbor newspaper. Currently, there are other publications that serve that city such as community newspaper and Ann Arbor Observer which is a free magazine. There are four radio stations in the area and also a few television networks. One of the television networks is known as Community Television Network and is open to all residents in the city.

Why Here

" Ann Arbor is a great place to find an apartment for living. This is because there are many recreational parks, good transportation systems, reliable climate and also good universities as well as research facilities. There are numerous employment opportunities since major companies have been set up as a result of research facilities present. The city is known to have a large number of educated people and therefore technology as well as exposure to great innovations is high. The apartments in the An Arbor area are also relatively fairly priced and hence affordable."


The city of Ann Arbor boasts of various landmarks and historical buildings that include, Nichols Arboretum , Saline, Washtenaw County Courthouse, Braun Court,University of Michigan Ann Arborand Ladies Literary Club among others.

Things to do

There are various things that one can do while in Ann Arbor. One of them is to visit the fairy doors. These tiny doors are mainly found in restaurants, cafes and galleries. Fairy door hunting is a perfect treat for kids. In case you want to buy farm produce or get good cafes you can visit the farmers market since it is well known for best products. Other major exciting places to visit are Michigan University campus, fall colors, and the Huron River among many other places.


There are a range of festivals one can enjoy either as friends, couples or as a family. Some of the festivals include film festival, fork festival, JCC book festival, JCC film festival and summer festivals among others. These festivals are usually yearly and they are attended by very many people which make them more fun to attend.

Vacation spots

Vacation opportunities are numerous in the city of Ann Arbor and also some miles from the city. Some of the vacation opportunities include Comfort Inn near Greenfield village, Kensington Hotel among other hotels. One can also take a vacation to see the Huron River as well as the Hilton Garden.

Where to move

If you are looking for reliable and affordable apartments, there are various areas recommended. If you want a lively neighborhood, Central downtown is the best to live. On the Northeast side, there are mainly town houses or Condos and for luxurious houses, the Southwest side is the best place to live.

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Spicetree Apartments

4854 Washtenaw Ave Ann Arbor, MI 48108

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