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Apartments in Baton Rouge, LA (680 Rentals)

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Apartments for rent in Baton Rouge, LA

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Bedrooms Average Rent Cheapest Rent Highest Rent
Studio Apartments $891 $490 $1,450
1 Bedroom Apartments $1,004 $326 $2,200
2 Bedroom Apartments $1,102 $405 $3,250
3 Bedroom Apartments $1,273 $365 $2,635

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Baton Rouge Overview

The French, the Spaniards and Native American Indians are examples of some of the cultures that share a claim to influencing the current culture of Baton Rouge, which is rich, diverse and steeped in community. Geographically located in the Southeast, arguably the best weather in the country, only adds to the allure of this vibrant state capital. Baton Rouge apartments offer residents of various income and lifestyles accessibility to all the available flavors, sounds and cultures that is Baton Rouge.

Baton Rouge History

"The place we now call Baton Rouge, (don't be surprised if locals refer to their beloved city as ""Red Stick"" - it's an affectionate term, honestly), became state capital in 1849. Louisiana, which was contested among Spanish, French and English explorers throughout the 18th century, later was adopted into the Union in 1812. The history, stories and legends run seemingly forever deep in the heart of Baton Rouge."

Baton Rouge Weather

Baton Rouge apartments come standard with AC, - if they don't then you're in the wrong place, and that is for good reason, it can get warm. Don't be deceived though, because even with the beautiful tropic-like summers, the annual average temperature is just under 70 degrees, talk about ideal.

Getting Around Baton Rouge

On foot, car, bicycle or the transit system, entertainment and everyday merchants are more than accessible in a city where convenience is evident. The flexibility and affordability of the Capital Area Transit System (CATS) is just an example of the ease of transportation afforded residents and visitors of Baton Rouge.

Commuting in Baton Rouge

An echo of this business savvy, industry leading city are the roadways. With such heavily used well connected interstates like Interstate 10 and the Martin Luther King Jr. Freeway, and highways that lend ease to shipping and receiving networks, Baton Rouge can be navigated without much effort. Even with the standard heavy traffic flows of any other major city or capital, there won't be much challenge getting from point A to point B from any part of this well designed city. Anyone from inner city residents to any resident of the stylish Baton Rouge apartment communities, find commuting hassle free.

Baton Rouge Media

The communication and media outlets of Baton Rouge illuminate the unique way that the Red Stick community perfectly blends everything special about culture and history with the cutting edge technologies and industries of today. The major newspaper of Baton Rouge is The Advocate (founded in 1925), in addition to a myriad of other publications serving many genres. Even with today's technological mediums, the literary community thrives here.

Why Here

It may very well be the most amazing and unique quality of Baton Rouge, it pervades all of Louisiana but perhaps is exhibited no where more clearly than it is in the capital city - community. This is community as it was intended, and that is evidenced by how perfectly the different cultures, lifestyles, backgrounds and potpourri of people live among one another. There is a sense of appreciation and pride of the French, Indian, African (and on and on...) cultures that is witnessed everyday in the shops, restaurants and activities of Baton Rouge. It is this feel of community and love that is behind why so many call this place home.

Baton Rouge Landmarks

Of the structural and visuals wonders, the Old Louisiana State Capitol is renown for its record height, and architectural beauty. Historically, the Pentagon Barracks (built in 1822), now operates as a museum delivering some of the tradition and reminders of years past that is part of the fabric of Baton Rouge.

Things to do in Baton Rouge

"From September to January, the best ticket in town can be found on any given Saturday at Tiger Stadium, where the ""Mad Hatter's"" LSU Football Tigers offer a show and the crowd provides an arena matched by few. The nationally acclaimed Baton Rouge Zoo is also a good bet for a good time, the exotic experience and array of animals from all over the world make this Baton Rouge destination a must."

Baton Rouge Festivals

Of course if your in Louisiana it's impossible to not take in the flavor and festival of Mardis Gras, where Baton Rouge hosts many celebrations and parades. There is also the annual Greater Baton Rouge State Fair, where the food, fun and amusements are too many to fit into a single day.

Baton Rouge Vacation spots

Well within a few hours drives from any Baton Rouge apartment or residence are a plethora of activities and adventures. There are also historic landmarks all over Louisiana that whisper of stories that helped shape the country. Have we mentioned the festivals? Like the Louisiana Seafood or Delcambre Shrimp Festivals, among other festivals going on all the time throughout the year that highlight the unique and savory Louisiana cuisine. The local vacation destination spots in the state are too many to count.

Where to move in Baton Rouge

For those in the market for a home or apartment in Baton Rouge, the news is good. There isn't honestly an area that isn't favorable, but a couple of favorites places are the Garden District and Spanish Town (home of the longest and largest Mardi Gras Parade in Baton Rouge). Both these locations excel in commuting, entertainment and housing options, along with all the beauty, mystique and wonder that comes from living in Baton Rouge.

Baton Rouge Guide

Steeped in a southern city with a strong sense of history and featuring classic architecture highlights at every turn, Baton Rouge living offers stress-free, fun living for all. Finding top notch Baton Rouge apartments to reside in can be the key to getting the most out of your Louisiana living experience.

Whether you're moving to Baton Rouge from across the country or are seeking a new bachelor pad with your favorite roomy, it's our goal at to help you find the perfect new place to call home by showcasing the best apartments for rent in Baton Rouge with high res apartment photos, floor plans, rent prices, amenities, and other info needed to make your decision with ease.

For students at LSU great off-campus student apartments in the Tigerland area or Highlands can be a great option. Or you might check out some great deals on apartments in the surrounding areas like Shenandoah, Merrydale or Brownfields. Of course being close the Mall of Louisiana in Inniswold, Perkins or South Baton Rouge has its perks too. Once you find your apartment in Baton Rouge, there is plenty to get out and enjoy in the city as well. Share a picnic lunch with some neighboring ducks at the City Brooks Community Park, experience the truly unique 'little people' with a visit to the Enchanted Mansion Doll Museum, or grab a few pints at the Chimes Tap Room, all located just a short drive from most Baton Rouge areas. Don't forget the zydeco-inspired nightlife either, as plenty of music venues and unique pubs line the downtown streets.

From the natural, refreshing summertime splendor of the Comite River to the famous crawfish boils that seem to dominate every backyard party, life in Baton Rouge is, as the saying goes, both big and easy.

Find your new home among the fantastic options in Baton Rouge apartments. Start your search using the apartment living guide for Baton Rouge today!

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