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Apartments in Daytona Beach, FL (351 Rentals)

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Apartments for rent in Daytona Beach, FL
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1 Bedroom Apartments$897$567$1,753
2 Bedroom Apartments$1,072$710$1,883
3 Bedroom Apartments$1,347$818$3,096
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Located with easy proximity to the hubs of Orlando and Jacksonville, Daytona Beach is an ocean-front community that has been a national destination for decades. Its hard-packed sand beaches and stunning sea views have yielded an ideal motorsport and spring break habitat, although Daytona Beach apartments draw year-round residents with ease.


"Claiming the name Daytona Beach in the early 1900's, this Florida area was boasting the title ""The World's Most Famous Beach"" by 1920, thanks in no small part to the large crowds and numerous auto and motorcycle races held throughout the city. By 1958 NASCAR had taken a hold of the city as well, with Daytona Beach prospering into a world-famous vacation spot and one of the nation's most popular spring break locations by the 1980's."


Typical of most southern Atlantic states, Daytona Beach has a subtropic climate defined by hot, sunny summers and extremely mild and comfortable winters. Summertime storms tend to be common but brief in duration, and the winter nights rarely drop in temperature below 50 degrees, making apartments in Daytona Beach a popular option for many retirees. Spring and fall tend to pleasant as well, with occasional cold snaps possible but rare.

Getting Around

A local bus system as well as Greyhound both offer service throughout Daytona Beach and connecting counties, while the nearby Daytona Beach International Airport offers service from such carriers as Jetblue and Delta. A majority of Daytona Beach residents own automobiles and rely upon them for getting around town, although bicycles are very popular in this beach community as well.


Traffic tends to be light in and around Daytona Beach, although during peak months such as spring break the streets can become highly congested as the city is flooded with visitors. I-95 runs north and south of the city, offering easy on-off access, while I-4 offers an easy commute to the cities of Orlando and Tampa. A number of bridges including the Broadway Bridge and the Main Street Bridge offer toll-free access over the Halifax River throughout Daytona Beach, further easing congestion and also boasting incredible elevated water views. Daytona Beach is also serviced by Amtrak for rail.


The 'Daytona Beach New Journal' is the most-commonly enjoyed regional paper, while the 'East Coast Current' and 'The Avion' pay specific attention to university and beach-related issues. A number of radio stations cover the Daytona Beach airwaves as well, including formats such as Top 40, talk, oldies and the notorious classic rock station 'The HOG'. Central Florida News can be found on television at channel 13, while WDSC and WESH offer additional regional programming for the Daytona Beach broadcast vicinity.

Why Here

With its winning mix of sunny beaches and laid back atmosphere, Daytona Beach is a fantastic place to call home. Brimming with nightlife options as well as more seafood than one can eat in a lifetime, apartments in Daytona Beach offer access to a relaxed yet thriving community that yields a very unique way of seaside life.


Daytona Beach is brimming with a wide array of notable places, from the Delos Blodgett House to the Seabreeze Historic District. History buffs will find much to rejoice in while wandering the Daytona Beach streets, from the architectural wonder of The Abbey to the hallowed stands of the City Island Ball Park. Movie fans will recognize a number of locations from the racing film 'Days of Thunder', and a large number of world-class restaurants offer stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean as well.

Things to do

Racing fans will for sure want to experience the Daytona 500 and the International Speedway, although those with zero interest in sporting events will easily find much to celebrate and experience in Daytona Beach. Hit the Lagoon Waterpark for a day of wet and wild fun, or take the family to the Daytona Beach Boardwalk for some cotton candy and games of chance. Cheer on the home team at the Jackie Robinson Ballpark, or spend an evening shopping along the Main Street Pier. The Southeast Museum of Photography and the Museum of Arts and Sciences are both a great way to spend a rare rainy afternoon, while the aptly-named Ocean Center offers exciting-yet-educational overviews of the seaside wonder known as the Atlantic Ocean.


The Daytona 500 brings race fans from the world over every year, and a number of biker rallies and spring break block parties can be found with ease during the months of April-July. Biketoberfest also draw riders from far and near every autumn, bringing with it national rock-n-roll acts and large, boisterous crowds. The Thanksgiving weekend Turkey Trot Classic Car Show also brings a throng of jaw-dropping automobiles to town each and every fall.

Vacation spots

Florida is teeming with exciting and relaxing vacation spots, and Daytona Beach apartments offer easy access to both. Head to Orlando for the theme park mecca of Disney World and Epcott Center, take one of the area's infamous 'gator tours' near Jacksonville, head to the college town music scene and nightlife of Gainesville, or simply drive due north and spend a long weekend in the quiet reflection of the natural trails of South Carolina.

Where to move

Daytona Beach is obviously known primarily for its amazing, scenic beachside homes, and unsurprisingly a large number of residents live as close to the water as possible. Still, even those with a tight budget will find many rentals and homes to be within reason in Daytona Beach. The main drag tends to be filled with hotels and tourist-specific stores, so residents tend to flock to the more outlying areas of the city. Commuters tend to reside close to the easy on and off ramps of I-95, making the job market of Orlando a warm summer breeze. Regardless of where you end up, one thing is for certain - Daytona Beach is the good life through and through. Surf's up and happy apartment hunting!


Able to conjure images of spring break with just a simple mention of its name, finding your new home in one of the many great Daytona Beach apartments for rent is sure to put you in the center of the action and make for some really fun living. Home not only to the year's biggest party, but also a pulse-pounding array of action sports and nightlife hot-spots, life in Daytona Beach is as exciting as Florida gets!

Whether you're moving to Daytona Beach for a long, hot summer adventure or are simply looking to find a cheaper place across town, at we want to help you connect with your dream home by featuring the best options of apartments in Daytona Beach with all of the photos, floorplans, community details and info that you need to make your apartment shopping experience an ocean breeze. From affordable studio apartments in South Daytona to luxury apartments right on the water in Holly Hill, we've assembled an impressive selection of listings of every variety and all around town to help ease your Daytona Beach apartment search.

Our Daytona Apartment Living Guide provides you with the tools you need to narrow down your search and find places that fit your specific needs and desires. Filter by price, number of bedrooms, desired amenities, location and much more.

Of course - once you have found the perfect new place, you might need a few ideas of great things to get out and enjoy right? The obvious place to start is to take in the sun and the scenery at the fantastic beaches here in Daytona. Then - if you don't tire yourself out with too much sun, once you've gone back to your apartment and washed the sand off, you can head out to one of the fantastic eateries followed up with dancing the night away at many of the hot-spots found all around town. If you're a culture lover you might consider a visit the Southeast Museum of Photography, African American Museum of Arts, or the Gillespie Museum of Minerals.

One of the biggest attractions of Daytona Beach that brings over 200,000 visitors to the area is Speedweek and the Daytona 500 - a NASCAR fans dream. It may get a little loud, but this can be a fantastic way to get out of the apartment and have a blast.

Effortlessly combining sun-soaked excitement and a seemingly endless supply of exciting activities, life in Daytona Beach is truly a unique experience. Let us help you find your new home in one of the many great listings of Daytona Beach apartments for rent at and begin living the fantastic life of a Floridian!

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