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Apartments for rent in Milwaukee, WI
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Studio Apartments$1,044$395$6,600
1 Bedroom Apartments$1,243$200$3,250
2 Bedroom Apartments$1,540$480$5,780
3 Bedroom Apartments$1,989$598$7,980
4+ Bedroom Apartments$1,875$659$2,850

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One of the top five largest cities in the entire Midwestern U.S. region and far and away the biggest in the state of Wisconsin, living in Milwaukee apartments represents some of the best in the nation. From its long-standing reputation as a 'brewery city' to recent urban renewal and growth, this charming Midwest heartland destination is on the rise.


A large wave of settlers took to the Milwaukee area in the mid-1800's, during which the city was splintered into three distinct yet competitive towns. This came to an end with the historic Milwaukee Bridge War of 1845, after which the three battling factions were united into one cohesive city. A large influx of German immigrants saw Milwaukee continue to expand in the 1860's and beyond, and by the early 1900's over 30% of the city's population boasted some degree of German background. By 1960, Milwaukee could claim the title of being one of the largest cities in the entire nation, thanks largely to growth within the agricultural industry. Despite some downturn in the economy in the decades that followed, Milwaukee has bounced back in recent years and continues to show a steady increase in new residents and industry.


Milwaukee's proximity to the Great Lakes makes for an interesting and often-changing climate. The city is prone to 'lake winds', which can make for chilly winters and often a brisk afternoon in the autumn months. Thunderstorms can also occasionally be severe, most happening during the warm summer months. Winters can be harsh and very cold, with the Minneapolis area narrowly beating out Milwaukee when it comes to freezing temperatures.

Getting Around

Amtrak offers a commuter rail for ease of convenience, running to outlying markets such as Chicago on a daily basis. The Badger Bus line makes it way through much of the city as well, and Milwaukee is home to a pair of large airports. Bicycling is a growing trend within the city, with over 65 miles of bike trails available within the city and running along scenic Lake Michigan, and a recently-proposed streetcar system is reported to be in operation by early 2018.


Many residents of the city own cars, and a number of Interstates zig-zag the downtown area. I-94 hits north from Chicago, while I-43 heads towards Green Bay. I-794 connects to the Hoan Bridge and eventually the airport, while US 45 edges the western end of Milwaukee. Traffic is typical of a municipality of Milwaukee's size, often congested during rush hours but reasonable by many commuter's standards.


The 'Milwaukee Journal Sentinel' provides daily area news in print form, while weeklies such as 'Shepherd Express' dives into covering the local arts and entertainment scenes. is a popular online news and events magazine as well, while the 'UWM Post' largely covers student affairs at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. A number of network affiliates call Milwaukee home, including WISN, WITI and WCGV, delivering programming from FOX, CBS and beyond. WTSJ is a Spanish language channel, and a large number of radio stations fill the Milwaukee airwaves with eclectic programming including Top 40, Classic Rock and Country.

Why Here

From its huge public parks system (known as the 'Grand Necklace of Parks') to those oh-so-famous breweries, Milwaukee has something to offer for almost every walk of life. Farmer's markets and other weekly events cultivate a large degree of neighborhood camaraderie, while growing industries such as health care and regional universities help draw young people to Milwaukee on a steady basis. And with so many areas in which to find great deals for apartments in Milwaukee, you can't lose here!


The Monarch Trail is a gorgeous stretch of scenic walking paths, taking its name from the butterflies that call the area home. Cathedral Park in downtown plays host to free jazz programs during the summer months, and almost 75 (!) sculptures can be found dotting the city heralding its proud history, with subjects ranging from George Washington to Fonzi from 'Happy Days'. The Milwaukee Opera Theatre is as known for its stellar acoustics as for its unique architecture, while The Rave is a great place to catch nationally touring rock acts. And don't miss out on the Pabst Mansion!

Things to do

Milwaukee has a huge array of options when it comes to staying busy. Dive into the local restaurant scene, where you can sample a wide assortment of cuisine (don't forget the beer!), or dance the night away at one of the many nightclubs that line downtown. The Grohmann Museum contains one of the largest art collections in the world, while Discovery World combines hands-on interactive exhibits with a painstakingly-detailed recreation of an 1880's schooner ship.


Nicknamed 'the City of Festivals', Milwaukee more than boasts its fair share of large scale events. Summerfest is by far the largest, spanning almost two full weeks along the waterfront and combining live music, food and entertainment to an ever-growing crowd. The Wisconsin State Fair calls Milwaukee home as well, bringing carnival rides and the smell of cotton candy, and rail enthusiasts can look forward to Trainfest each November, the world's largest model train gathering.

Vacation spots

With so many lakes close by, many residents of Milwaukee choose to take to the water for their vacations. Rent a jet ski along Lake Michigan, or head to the casinos and cherry blossoms of Travers City. The Domes at the Mitchell Park Conservatory make a great weekend escape, while the big city excitement of Chicago (go Cubs!) is only a short train ride away.

Where to move

A large number of residential neighborhoods are characterized by so-called 'Polish flats', split level homes featuring two distinct living quarters on top of each other. High-rise apartment complexes can be found along the waterfront for those desiring luxury with their layout, while the Bay View neighborhood draws quiet families eager to enjoy the scenery hinted at by the area's name. Regardless of where you end up, life in Milwaukee is truly one-of-a-kind. Find your new home among the many Milwaukee apartments available on today!


Surrounded by shoreline and boasting picturesque lakeside hiking trails and expansive city parks, Milwaukee apartments for rent have quietly become some of the most desirable in the great state of Wisconsin.

As your Milwaukee, WI apartment resource I want to make your apartment shopping experience stress-free by showcasing the widest assortment of listings in the area and providing you with accurate, up-to-the-minute information on each one.

Residents of apartments in Milwaukee won't have to worry about dining options, as hot spots such as Butches Old Casino Steakhouse and the Astor Street Lounge offer steaks, chops and fish all prepared in the city's trademark style. Quaint artesian villages and antique shops such as the Artasia Gallery & Museum highlight the downtown Brady Street area Milwaukee's answer to Greenwich Village, where you can sit in a chic coffee shop or peruse the local boutiques and shops.

So don't let another day pass you by without the benefit of a Wisconsin zip code to call your very own! Start your search from our huge assortment of Milwaukee apartment listings today!

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