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Apartments for rent in San Francisco, CA
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In the year 1849, many Americans began moving to San Francisco in their pursuit of gold. While these men never found much of this precious metal, they found something that would become even more valuable: a city that would become known as “The Paris of the West.” It is a wonderful nickname, but San Francisco needs no comparison as its vibrant citizens would be happy to tell you. Many revolutions in the name of love and harmony were brought to life in this city and it is filled with happy people. In fact, San Francisco is highly regarded as one of the greatest cities to live in due to its focus on harmony and happiness for its residents. The city is alive with breathtaking views and sophisticated culture. San Francisco is a prosperous community in many regards, and witnessing this all-American city will brighten the heart of tourists and citizens alike, which makes finding a home in one of the many available San Francisco apartments a must.


San Francisco was founded in June 1776 when the Spanish colonists first came to the Golden Gate and established a military base and a mission named after St. Francis of Assisi. Once Mexico gained independence from Spain in 1821, San Francisco became a Mexican city until 1846 when America claimed California as a state in the aftermath of the Mexican-American War. San Francisco remained a small town until 1849 when madness for gold drove a massive amount of Americans out west in search of wealth. The city continued to grow until April 1906 when a massive earthquake struck the city and erupted gas lines which caused fires to spring up all around the city. This catastrophe left the city devastated, but it was quickly rebuilt over the next twenty years. Due to the post-disaster reconstruction, San Francisco became a center of financial success, which is evident by the fact that San Franciscan banks remained in good condition during the stock market crashes that led to the Great Depression. It was during the Great Depression that the most famous of San Franciscan landmarks came into being: The Golden Gate Bridge. Alcatraz also became one of America’s most notorious prisons during this time. During World War II, the city was used as the departure point for most American soldiers going on their tours to the Pacific Theater. Upon their return, many soldiers settled down in San Francisco along with an influx of immigrants. Attitudes in San Francisco began to reflect a liberalistic idealism of harmonious citizenship that led to movements such as the Hippie counterculture to the modern social justice activists that reside in strong numbers.


San Francisco boasts a stably mild climate all year long. The winters are typically moist and mild while the summers are characterized by dryness and a fog that lends to the nickname “Fog City.” The hills in the center of the city also cause a slight difference in the climate depending on the section of residency. The eastern side typically has less fog and more sunny days than the western portion.

Getting Around

San Francisco also offers unique traveling opportunities, using Arterial Thoroughfares, or grid-like roads, to provide transitions throughout the city and its interstates. While it is possible to use a car with relative ease throughout the city, there are many more options. A large portion of San Franciscans use public transports such as subways, buses, ferries, streetcars, and the famous San Franciscan cable cars to get around their city. Among these options are several major industries to provide transportation such as the San Francisco Municipal Railway, which is more commonly known as Muni. Muni provides metro, subway, and bus systems for residents to get to and from their apartments in San Fran. While there are many great options for distance traveling, San Francisco is also a city of walkers and cyclists. With the beautiful scenery and mild climate, San Francisco is a wonderful area to explore slowly on foot. Many locals and tourists alike intermingle while walking around the aesthetic city.


There are also two major airports in the city. San Francisco International Airport (SFO) is located in San Mateo County and is known as a major facilitator of international flights to Asia and Europe. Its primary flights are Virgin America and United Airlines. A cheaper alternative to SFO that is quite popular to the locals is Oakland International Airport, though it is a greater distance from San Francisco. As mentioned above, San Francisco consists of arterial thoroughfares that help regulate the traffic in a grid-like fashion into different roads and interstates. Interstate 80, which links the Bay Bridge and the East Bay, is connected by its western terminus by U.S. Route 101. Route 101 provides accessibility to the southern portion of the San Francisco Bay. The northern portion of Route 101 connects to the Golden Gate Bridge through certain arterial streets. The Golden Gate Bridge is the only connection to Marin County and the North Bay for automobiles. State Route 1 enters the city through the Golden Gate Bridge and traverses throughout the city as the 19th Avenue arterial road that joins with Interstate 280 at the city’s southern border. Interstate 280 takes drivers to the southern edges of San Francisco, ending south of the Bay Bridge. Rush hour typically occurs between 5 a.m. and 10 a.m. and between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. on normal weekdays. However, holiday traffic is highly unpredictable and highly trafficked. There is a bit of congestion in the traffic, though the commute time is at approximately 30 minutes, which is shorter than many large cities in America.


The media plays a large role in this city, which shows in publications such as its mostly highly regarded newspaper, The San Francisco Chronicle, which is known to interpret the pulse of the city and circulates daily. San Francisco boasts the fourth-largest radio market and the sixth-largest TV market in the country. KQED, the largest national public broadcasting station, is located in the Potrero Hill neighborhood. All major U.S. television networks have affiliates in the region, and many of them are located in the city. Some examples of these networks include CNN, MSNBC, BBC, and ESPN. San Francisco has contributed much to modern media, as the first motion pictures and the first television broadcast were implemented in this city.

Why Here

San Francisco is one of the most beloved and unique cities in America. It is draped in gorgeous scenery and filled with a loving vibe from many people. From its introduction to American history, San Francisco has always been something completely different than the typical American city. It has always offered something that people want and changes the world for the better with its beliefs and culture. In a city founded on peace and love and located on the jaw-droppingly gorgeous Pacific coast, it is easy to see why San Francisco has cemented its name as one of the most iconic American cities. With a variety of options for apartments in San Francisco, finding a place to live here can be a breeze.


It is hard to escape the famous San Franciscan landmarks because of various films, television shows, books, and many other pop culture references. The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the greatest American symbols and is easily recognized by people all over the globe. The city also hosts Alcatraz, an island which contains the famous prison that once held notorious prisoners such as Al Capone. The University of California at San Francisco is the only system that is completely dedicated to graduate education in health and biomedical sciences, and it is one of the top ranked medical schools in the United States. San Francisco State University, located near Lake Merced, awards undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral degrees in over 100 areas of study. There are many schools that offer a variety of degrees and specializations in the arts, culinary arts, and psychology.

Things to do

San Francisco also offers a variety of entertainment besides its breathtaking scenery. The city hosts many successful sports teams with exquisite stadiums. The Golden State Warriors, located in Oakland, have had a record-breaking season with phenomenal players that make for astounding basketball games with a charged environment. San Francisco also hosts the San Francisco Giants baseball team that has had a lot of success over the last ten years in particular and constantly has a stadium filled with fans. The San Francisco 49ers and the Oakland Raiders football teams also muster many fans, though they have lacked great seasons for the last few years. Other than sports, San Francisco has a variety of theaters that offers a variety of performances from drama to opera to modern music concerts. One of the most popular music venues is known as the Fillmore located in the Western Addition. San Francisco is a magnet for artists, authors, poets, and creative types, so there are many art museums and book stores.


There are many festivals that occur every year as well. For athletes, there is the Bay to Breakers footrace in which competitors dress in outlandish costumes and a happy spirit and held by all. There is also the San Francisco Marathon and the Escape from Alcatraz triathlon. The city hosts numerous conventions for a variety of topics throughout the year, and this is especially true for social justice topics.

Vacation spots

There are many vacation opportunities near San Francisco besides its many beaches and attractions. Just a short drive away is Napa Valley which is known for its wine tastings and classy culture. There are also many other beaches located all down the Golden Coast which are mostly in reach of San Francisco. Another huge attraction is the massive Redwood forests which leave even experienced travelers awestruck.

Where to move

It is undebatable that San Francisco is an amazing city. The only question is where one should settle there? If you have some extra cash set aside and enjoy a taste of the finest parts of the city in your grasp, Dogspatch is an amazing spot. It has access to great food and entertainment, not to mention its easy commute times. Outer Richmond is regarded as a family haven, though there is quite a bit of fog there. Chinatown is filled with culture, as it is constantly packed with tourists. Pacific Heights is the perfect haven for runners and cyclists who will love the trails of the Presidio and Crissy Field, and it is relatively budget-friendly. The Excelsior, however, is one of the most affordable venues in San Francisco while also giving an authentic, unpretentious vibe to a big city. Each part of San Francisco has something different to offer, and the only way to decide is to look into the very nature of San Francisco and explore oneself and apply these values to a select area. San Francisco is surely a city that will not disappoint, so find your new home among the many San Francisco apartments available on today.


Amazing attractions combined with a comfortably mild climate year round and an old-time, historic charm left from the gold rush days make living in San Francisco apartments a dream of a lifestyle. The "City by the Bay" offers it's residents exciting sights-to-see like the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz, breathtaking water front views, delightful culinary options all over the city, and a cutting edge technology industry making it simply a fantastically city to live.

From apartments near neighborhoods like Nob Hill or South of Market to affordable places nearby the eccentric charm of the Haight-Ashbury district, we want to help you connect with the perfect apartments in San Francisco by showcasing all of the high-resolution photos, floor plan options, rent pricing and community details you need to make your next moving decision as snap. Whether you are moving from somewhere afar or simply moving across town, filter by number of bedrooms, price ranges or even your favorite amenities to help narrow down your options to the perfect one using the San Francisco Apartment Guide at

Once you'e found your new home in San Fran, the true key to getting the most out of living here is knowing what to get out of the apartment and enjoy. As a start, an absolute must is to hop on the legendary San Francisco cable cars for a true California experience. A day out to Alcatraz for a little local history or Fisherman's Wharf and Pier 39 for a mix of fantastic food, shopping and nightlife is also a must! Wine lovers also have it made here with many local vineyards and wineries within a reasonable drive from which ever neighborhood you land in. Not to go without saying are the professional sports teams found all over the Bay area for locals to get out and root for. No matter what you enjoy doing, you are sure to find it within footsteps of your apartment in San Francisco.

So don't delay! Find your perfect new place from the wide selection of affordable and available San Francisco apartments for rent at today!

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