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Apartments for rent in Greenville, SC

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Studio Apartments$1,500$590$2,449
1 Bedroom Apartments$1,204$518$3,524
2 Bedroom Apartments$1,339$500$4,199
3 Bedroom Apartments$1,570$627$3,160
4+ Bedroom Apartments$1,001$853$1,150

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Though it has a humble name, Greenville is far from humble. It’s a part of South Carolina’s third largest urban area, and it is also the fastest growing, probably due to an influx of manufacturing jobs from companies like Michelin and AVX Corporation. Greenville is certainly a city to watch out for, so now’s the time to start looking for apartments in Greenville. It’s especially booming for young people—a surprisingly high proportion of Greenville residents are single young adults who are upwardly mobile. Greenville is a great place to live, not only because of the job prospects, but because it’s also in one of the most beautiful parts of South Carolina.


It all started around 1770 when a man named Richard Pearis married a Cherokee woman and was given a hundred thousand acres of land from the Cherokee who lived there. He built a plantation, and that land would later become downtown Greenville. Vardry McBee purchased this land and helped build the town by donating land for churches, mills, and schools. McBee is now considered the father of Greenville. In 1831, the city of Greenville was incorporated. It excelled as a cotton mill town and became known as the “Textile Center of the South,” though it has now shifted its focus to technology-based industries.


Greenville enjoys a humid, subtropical climate. Winters are usually short and cool, rarely dipping below freezing during the day. Spring is warmer but drier, and summers are hot and humid. Autumn is a bit cooler and can be even drier than spring. Greenville gets an average of 47.2 inches of precipitation every year, with summer usually being the wettest season.

Getting Around

The public transit service is called Greenlink, which is handled by the Greenville Transit Authority (GTA). The bus system serves the city of Greenville, most of Greenville County, and part of nearby Pickens County. Most people travel by car because the public transport system is not extensive. The city also has an Amtrak station, which connects Greenville to large cities like New York, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Washington, and New Orleans. You can also fly out of Greenville through the Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport or the Greenville Downtown Airport, which is the most heavily used general airport in South Carolina.


Several interstates travel into or around Greenville. I-85 transfers to I-185 which brings you in closer to Greenville. I-385 takes you right into the downtown area and ends there. I-185, a short interstate made only to serve Greenville County, connects I-385 and I-85 south of the city. US route 123 can be used to access Greenville from the west, and US routes 29 and 276 can be used when coming from the north. The average commute time is 18.6 minutes.


The upstate area’s largest daily newspaper (in both audience and circulation) is The Greenville News. There are a number of other regular publications, including Greenville Journal, a weekly newspaper on the topics of economy and business, and the monthly publication Greenville Business Magazine. Greenville also has a variety of radio stations, including channels dedicated to news, sports, oldies, country, gospel, rock, and contemporary music.

Why Here

Living in apartments in Greenville gives you the opportunity to live the city life while surrounded by beautiful countryside in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. It’s not only a beautiful and pleasant place to live, though, it’s also a smart city. Almost 42% of adults have earned a bachelor’s degree or higher, which is double the national average. Perhaps because of the high degree of education, the citizens of Greenville make a good living, for the most part. At about $31,000, the income per capita is very high for a city in South Carolina. Living in Greenville is not just pleasant—it might also be prosperous.


One of the newest but best landmarks in Greenville is Falls Park on the Reedy, a large park that lies in what is considered the birthplace of Greenville. The park features trails, several gardens and waterfalls, and the Liberty Bridge, a unique pedestrian suspension bridge overlooking the river. The Greenville County Museum of Art is another popular destination. The museum specializes in American art from a southern perspective and features the work of artists like Andrew Wyeth, Jasper Johns, Andy Warhol, and Georgia O’Keefe.

Things to do

You’ll never be bored if you live in Greenville. The city provides a wide array of attractions, events, and experiences. The Greenville Zoo and the Roper Mountain Science Center are fun destinations, especially for families. Go out and enjoy America’s favorite pastime at Fluor Field, the home of the Greenville Drive baseball team. The city also houses four independent theatre companies that put on regular productions. Centre Stage, Greenville’s professional theater, hosts the annual New Play Festival and the Greenville Light Opera Works, or GLOW.


You won’t believe the number of festivals Greenville hosts each year. One of these festivals is Euphoria Greenville, which is a three-day culinary event featuring food (of course), wine and music. The city is home to two comic book and science fiction conventions, Big Fandom Greenville and SC Comicon. You can also get your fill of laughs by going to the four-day New South Comedy Festival, or enjoy some art and culture at Artisphere in the spring.

Vacation spots

Greenville gets a lot of tourists looking to enjoy the natural beauty of the area. Those looking for a great view can drive up nearby Sassafras Mountain where you can see four states (North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia) from the top, as well as some amazing scenery. Those looking for some adventure can go white water rafting on several rivers in the surrounding area, such as Chattooga River which features both mild and scenic waters and full-on rapids.

Where to move

Greenville has many neighborhoods that would be pleasant to live in. If you’re looking to live downtown, check out North Main and Augusta Road. The latter is quite a stately neighborhood, and North Main contains Earle Street, a historic district where you can pick up a trolley to downtown. Simpsonville and Mauldin are nearby towns where you can get more for your money. The homes here are often newer and the area is quickly growing. Another growing town is Travelers Rest, which lies about twenty minutes north of Greenville and is home to Furman University. Whichever neighborhood you choose, know that living in apartments in Greenville is a wise investment in your future happiness.


A city offering a fun mix of old fashioned comforts and modern conveniences, Greenville apartments add charm to the mix to yield a South Carolina destination that's well worth your consideration.

As your complete Greenville, SC apartment search resource, it's our job to make your experience stress-free and our ultimate goal to connect you to an ideal community that perfectly suits your individual needs.

There are enough museums, galleries and historical landmarks in Greenville to keep residents busy every weekend of the year! From the Confederate Museum to the annual "Mice on Main" scavenger hunt, activities abound. The Fall Park on the Reedy is a gorgeous public garden with the only pedestrian suspension bridge in the country, and Maidenhair Falls offers another scenic viewpoint for residents of apartments in Greenville.

Downtown is where you will find most of the one-of-a-kind boutiques and locally owned stores, complete with streets lined by cozy cafes and gorgeous trees. You'll love scouting out great deals here. Check out the West End shopping district for retailers like The Gray Goose, Kate Carlyle and beyond.

So don't let life in this South Carolina city pass you by! Find yourself the perfect Greenville apartment for rent from our vast assortment of listings, and discover how great living in South Carolina can be!

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